Monday, May 29, 2017

Open VPN - A Pain in the bum~

Yes.. Open VPN can be a pain in the backside for those who do not have technical knowledge.
Prior to this.. I used the OpenVPN AS version on a Linux Ubuntu 16 via Google Cloud Compute. Many things work if you just want a Single User ie Device to connect but if you are a bugger like me who program the OpenVPN client in Merlin interface, aiyayah.. It's a real bother.

First off, Open VPN AS works for Devices only.
If you using a frigging router.. then UR screwed.

U will need many tools.. like a way to SIGN YOUR OWN CERTS
I played cheat.. and installed Windows 2008 Server and used it as my signing certificate.


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  3. I had to use my smartphone as my own personal hotspot for Wi-Fi connection while waiting for Fiber connection to be available in my area. I didn’t want to renew my DSL contract again because the connection was so poor, and that would lock me in for at least another year. So now that I have Fiber in my house, Open VPN doesn’t seem to be a possible option for my router. I tried the express VPN router vpn instead and it’s working out well for the past few months.

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  5. VPN is extremely helpful, yet it isn't important on the off chance that you need remote customers to associate with you Linux or Unix server.


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