Saturday, June 3, 2017

ETH Mining Requirements

After all the tweaking and stuff like that.. I found out that ETH mining needs loads of stuff...
And when I mean loads.. means tons.

Using Windows.. ETH Mining uses about 2.8GB of RAM and do not try to use a scratch disk aka page file. I tested and system auto crashed! Disable all your services and startup apps.. including all those crap Windows Installed.

GPU Mining needs a heck more. Seems per core requires almost the same as the DAG file gets huge nowadays.

I suggest you utilise the AMD Radeon RX480 as it has 8GB Ram on board and since most boards cannot load that kind of power usage... I honestly hope you are ready for a 1200W based PSU unit which will set you around $900. Most boards have 4-6 PCIe slots so U need a riser for that.

Typical configuration would be
i7  or i9 CPU,
SSD 128GB Drive
4 x RX480 using CABLE RISERS. Use the SATA MOLEX power line to power up the 150W GPU.

In Essence, it would be 4 x 150 + 200W CPU which takes a full load of 800W and that is a low rough figure.

If I have it my way.. I will use the 24 core DUAL XEON 48 Threads E8840 V4 or even E5 2699 v5 will blow you away.

In terms of money wise.. the baseline system can already hit your pocket (4GPU) around S$3000, but still, if you don't mine with it.. you can play great games on it!

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