Sunday, June 26, 2016

Saving the British Economy, is Kent the Garden of England the solution?

The Un-United Kingdom of Great Britain decided to leave the EU. Fine. I do not see why those who wish to stay are being punished for the small majority. Think of the mess we have to clean up; banks etc moving to mainland. So why not bring the mainland to Britain, or part of it anyway?

Kent is the garden of England and the core gateway. If Kent is to be made like Gilbratar or IoManx, we can break away and be part of the EU and still enjoy the cheap tarriffs, legal righta and so forth. Banks and businesses do not need to move far, just across the Thames. OPEN BORDERS just like Northern Ireland and the Republic. As Kent is not part of the Schengen, immigration checks and stamping can be done at either Lydd Ashford or Manston Airports, Dover Folkstone and Ramsgate ports and Ashford Train station.

We can be humane and allow UK raw materials to be assembled and manufactured here in Kent and still marked as premium EU goods. Think of Malaysian Durians but packed in Singapore sold at a huge premium to China etc as SINGAPORE deploys stringent checks etc. Quality.

We can be the next digital ecomony and financial hub without draconian Westminster laws by installing super high speed internet, such as in New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore where 1Gbps *(thats 1000Mb per second) for less than £25 a month. Efficient trains and transport systems and super clean, soft *(no chalky) water.

Healthcare can be further upgraded by charging and subsidising,where locals get heavily subsidised Emergency and First Contact GP clinics and not lewd drunk and disorderly hooligans whom of which have to pay full rates for their rowdiness.

Education can be much better and at a better literacy and 10yr old kids be able to do yr GCSE maths and study robotics and mobile games programming.

Think for the future.
Think now.

Change for the future.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Suria hot spring resort , Bentong

First off, this is a boon dog place for you to hideaway if you know what i mean. Located about 15km off Genting highlands exit southwards to Bentong in the old rickety road or 10km if you come from Bentong, it is a hidden resort hotel with a natural hot spring.

Looking from outside, it looks as if that is managed by a 5* international brand but the wise old words of "you can take  person out of the jungle,but not the jungle out of the person" remains true.  As of me writing this, its 2.30am and I really can't sleep.

Development of this resort has been controversial, back a few years ago while the helm of tourism minister Yen Yen. It is on aboriginal land and on the side of a hideout of mine for a few years ago.

Anyway, with some doubts, I checked in at about 2030 hours. MONDAY. And there was no one around. Looking at the front desk, reminds me of a haphazard looking homestay. Reservations were scribbled on pieces of rough paper etc. The price? Starting from RM260 a night. This price was not indicated on their own website.  So I took the quad room. It was purportedly on sale for RM200, saving me 80 off!

What it really buzz me that the security was watching tv, at the guard post, and the other,asleep. No bellhop or anyone to show you to your room. Huh? This a resort? Even the guest registration form was photocopied and does not look professional.

Walking thru the waze with 4 kids in tow and a huge green luggage bag (thank God I bought it few days ago otherwise its 2 huge backpacks ++), the placeto the rooms are badly litted and infested with wild insects. Access to the pools etc reminds me of the military camp where the high wire fence obsures the view.

Then it hit me, the pools were also accessable to the public. WTF! Going to their site shows the entrance fees.

So, we were hungry. Room service menu was in the room. Along with 2 other laminated info pages. Dial 551. Sorry, no room service. Why you place in the rooms when you can't order? Restaurant said they had nothing left but whatever was on the buffet. Now I regretted not packing the McD in the way here.

OMFG! We were stuck with the Maggie cup noodles and late lunch I had at 4pm in seremban. They do have a little mart though.

2 keycard were issued, one for the room, another for the pools. WHY??? Bad design n improperly trained contractor to blame? Again poorly lit walkway to the pools, so bring yr own floodlight as its riddled with handicap unfriendly route and lack of signage, if you get what I mean.

2 pools greeted me, HOT POOLS. Ok. Child pool is available with a depth of 1.2m+????? And you call that a child pool? My kids could drown and that depth was my guess figure as no markings on the walkways. Health n Safety death trap!!! The architecture n engineering team needs to be flung off the KLCC towers!!! 

Waterwise, kids pool, flipping cold. Not even bluish. Unchorinated I suppose. Hot pools had water fed in, piping hot and I do not recall the natural pool being this hot, about 60'c or so I figure they recycled the water. No natural sulphuric smell but of my old school longkang back in Rulang. Anyway, I got my cheap fix. Not so cheap. My eyes are itchy from the haze too. Reminder to oneself, go to the natural pool.

Wifi. YES. Its available but the way its designed gave away 8 or so ssid. Can't your it guys do a proper wifi installation with the access points? Monkey work again.

In house tv has free to air 1.2.3 but no ntv7 *8 or so. Not even astro. Disappointing. And the phones? Rickety RM20 phones. And nothing of lan points etc. Its bad enough even to play my minion rush.

Did I mention the housekeeping sucks? And signages to the place is non existent?

So positive feedbacks for improvements :

1) Since this is a jungle, consider installing those blue fly traps, n clean them daily. Any bite from them to the guest is on you.

2) Removal of the fencing, separate the guests from the outsiders. Totally.

3) Integrated guest access cards. This makes you look stupid n fire your systems integrators. 

4) Proper lighted signages from the expressway.

5) Proper lighting.


7) DO NOT MISLEAD. Just one UK property which is 3* don't make you international. I got more business in MY,SG,ID,NZ,UK,US and still i don't say international, cos I am not to the MNC standard yet.

8) Retrain your staff. Your front desk is also security. Improve on your hospitality. If you run a hotel, run a proper restaurant, especially when you are out of the way. I have yet to see your breakfast.

(Pics etc to follow on my return but i will tag on my facebook first   )

Sorry, I will xpost this on other sites, and overseas tourists, do not expect much. Even a backpacker hostel in Thailand gives better service. 1* out if 10.

So remember, if you die die wanna come here, bring a survival kit. Pack yr McD n stuff from the Janda Baik town b4 heading in.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Sometimes at times we do get lost, and when we are down, we have our family to perk up thinģs.

Post natal stress does not just affect the wife, but also paternal aka fathers too, even if he is an experienced dad.

Sleep depreviation can cause alot more harm too, such as suicide or hangry type reactions as one get grouchy or even do rash acts.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Of Seasons and Elections

So Election Season is here again....but that is once in every 4 years plus, but come September School Holidays is our notorious season of HAZE and I am darn sick and tired of this sicky sickness.

It's been few days and well, 2 weeks to be exact and I am not well yet...

So I vote to SMOKE THE HAZE BURNERS AND BURN THEM DOWN.... honestly, it's no fair game, my kids can't go out etc and I am wheezing.

Don't get this when I was in UK..


Monday, May 4, 2015

A loss for Malaysia - the End of Jaring

JARING or the Joint Advanced Research Integrated Networking was the pioneer for Internet in Malaysia. It is akin to Temasek TELEVIEW operated by TAS back in 1989 or so and I am quite sad that this entity is going down.

Having said that , I am willing to take up the company without any debts (or do a repayment and analytics of the 'debt' as these are so much subjective to dodgy dealings etc) because JARING is a huge entity that we can eat up.

Look at the AS Number looking glass. At least 10 subnets of /16 which is alot and a whole /15!
That in layman terms , IP Addresses of at least a million or so.

Bottom line is.... how much are they worth?

I want to have Jaring. And I know what rubbish I can do with it!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

My take on the Malaysian GST?

Some people are really ridiculous. There is no such thing as verification and the like for GST vendors and the like especially for street vendors. Where the certificates??

Honestly ya, every other country that uses GST issues certificates to be displayed on premises. Malaysia don't. 

GST prices are inclusive of GST unless they are selling to businesses. This act of even makcik nasi lemak at plus highways charges GST baffles me. So u r telling me her turnover is RM1500 a day at least?? So if u charge me RM1.06 then you cannot round up n charge me extra 4sen as its illegal tax and underpayment is also an offence. Make it clear lah you stupid fools. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

So GST Again...

Some one asked...if my business is not turning over RM500,000..... I don't need to register... but then you can claim back your input tax on everything you buy if you are GST Registered.

Simple softwares like Microsoft Quicken or Quickbooks or MYOB can help you automate.
Just make sure your paperwork are in order.

And even since my business is primarily in Singapore but I do buy things from Malaysia, I am able to escape from Singapore GST and local taxes for spending less than $150 *(RM400) if less than 48hrs or $600 per person if over 48hrs. That is based on PER PERSON PER heeee.. I can be sneaky and buy my stuff with 4 kids in tow..means I can bring in up to RM2400 duty free... saving $60 in Singapore GST and RM144 clawed back from Malaysia GST and my full tank of petrol worth of RON97...

Sneaky rite?? But many done it back in UK / EU already mate... and that is the BEAUTY of things here in Malaysia. You can write yourself everything is EXPORTED into Singapore by means of a Bill of Sale addressed to an address in Singapore and presto.. no output tax . ZERO RATED.