Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Holidays...

Salam Aidil Fitri to all my friends, family and foes alike. Despite what happened for the past year or so… I am still me.. struggling with all the tasks I am given and it’s been a challenging year so far. Tomorrow is the Singapore Presidential Election #SGElect as they put it on twitter ( or #SGPresident / #SGElections hash tags) but mostly… I am not bothered to vote this time round since the 4 candidates are just goons to me.. worthless clowns who aspire to be the Singapore Prime Minister…but failed to get the job. They are too much affiliated to the PAP…so it’s not worth it. I’m anyway excused since my address is in Malaysia (Home Address)…so I can opt not to vote since my passport …. Is with the home ministry for renewal of the Expatriate Pass / Permanent Resident application process.


About Eid.. this year.. to me it’s about being able to understand how those unfortunate souls suffer throughout the whole year, with less than what they can live on, be it Muslims or not. It saddens me that the Muslim Zakat can’t be used to feed the non-Muslims… but in following of the Prophet himself.. he fed many Jewish beggars with it… so it’s all about HUMANITY. It’s sad when there is media exposure, only then we see Sharizat and the UMNO people coming to help… and not the MCA or otherwise. I was referring to the article on the Star that 2 school kids got to sell their books just to buy rice.. it’s really sad… where is the CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY of the supermarkets such as TESCO, ECONSAVE, GIANT and alike???


Anyway, do drive safe.. where ever you are and where ever you are heading. Plan ahead..and give EXTRA TIME. Be happy.


Salam Aidil Fitri is what I wish…

To all my friends, Readers, Family, Foes alike….

Forgiveness, Closure and remorse is all I have to ask….

To you who read this … I bid you and your family well…

Wish you a safe trip… and Salam Shalom Safe and be well...




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