Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of Biscuits and Blogs

Well, funny with the Malaysian Broadband, it's never reliable in huge cities like Kuala Lumpur where they even boast 4G technology when they can't even sort off the teething issues with their 2G voice calls, 3G Celcom Broadband sluggishness or the Maxis Broadband unavailability of over 5 meters high due to many silly reasons. Not to mention that idiotic TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD landline contractors are just like cowboys, doing things as they like.

Well, which comes to the reason that I am using a BISKUT JULIE can of love letters to boost my capacity with not even single bar on 3G or 3.5G+ CELCOM Broadband (forget MAXIS or DIGI HSDPA aka 3.5G aka WCDMA) which basically works like your silly TV aerial where you must see the transmitter and be near as you can (and die of radiation poisoning in the meantime) and in essence, if the transceiver tower gets your signal out, you are good, as it blasts as much as needed to get through to you.

Which is like what you hear on Rocket Science, Brainiac Science Abuse right??

Of which, I've been reading the steady flow of paid blogging (at high pricing of $100 onwards) for page rank 3 and up, since Google themselves are going to the punchline.

I just don't get that..are Google going to stoop as low as Ted Murphy or what? Or are they buying Paid Posting out? Who knows. Those with Page Rank and dedicated traffic enjoys the moolah.