Thursday, November 24, 2016

What is block chain finance?

Block chain finance aka FinTech is almost similar to blockchain technology.

Think of it this way, I want to pay you x amount of this y currency but you are in z country. An example is you are in India paying a supplier in Kashmir Pakistan in Rupees (with bundles of 1000 rupee notes) but the other guy only accept Pakistani Rupees. So how do you do, either you send in smuggled notes, thru Hawala or remit in USDollars which will cost you as much as 20% in fees. Now with Indian Rupees not legal tender, you are in a huge mess.

So now in the cyber world, I will send in Bitcoin or thru paypal, but paypal will still eat 2.5% in exchange fees. In crypto world, there are no fees or very little such as 0.00000001 btc aka 1 satoshi for the transfer, which is shared to the pool. What will happen is you broadcast to the world, say Mr Rajah acct x1234567890asfgh send a digital check to Mr Ali acct 0987654321awawqq for 0.0011 btc and with the fee, starting balance  1.0011 ending balance 1.0000 for Mr Rajah and start balance 0 anf ending balance 0.0011 for Mr Ali.

Everyone on the network copies and concur with the transaction and its sealed to the ledger digital block 123456 digistamp 24nov2016.0000.11 with crc check digits xxggaaccexample created by the miners. Once clear and sealed, no reversal.

So this goes on and on.

The need to pay middlemen are less now as everyone has a copy of every transaction of the chain till this time.

It reduces the cheque, wire fees, transfer fees and time taken.
Banks cut the cost drastically.

(end part 1)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Piss off facebook

Sorry facebook...i do not want you to know who talk to me,what i say, what i like etc.


Now do this immediately and cut n paste on your status,
Do this to your whatsapp, go to setting and check it.
Remove yr last seen, who can see me to contacts only

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Idiotic malaysian Uber n pirate tour drivers comparing prices

I have to put this to rest.

You dont compare malaysia prices for the rent etc to singapore , worlds most expensive city.

Here is the comparision , like and near like for like.
KL, Malaysia
Disposal hourly rates, RM500 per day, 8hrs , Hyundai Starex, 2.2 diesel in KL.
Uber black rm3+rm1.40/km+0.40/min.= rm3+ rm192 (time) + rm980(7hrs 100kmh driving)=rm1175 max.
UberXl@rm2.50+0.40min+0.70/km= 2.50+192+800= rm994.50

Car cost @ rm130,000 (sgd 43,000), fuel @ rm1.90 ($0.70) per liter.

Toyota alphard is sgd 200k or rm600k.
Toyota wish is sgd 120k or rm 360k
Fuel is sgd 2.25 or rm 7 per liter.
Disposal rates is $400 per day for wish, sgd 800 for Alphard.

So you see, you cannot pay rm8 for a singapore chicken rice mah..*(sgd4 min) and so the erp tolls are super cost as much as sgd27 (RM82) a trip from woodlands to cbd at peak....compared to klia to town of rm20....

If you want to earn sgd but with malaysia vehicle cost, go drive lah..the saman for illegal taxi service is a huge sgd20k fine...

I hope the LTA and TP arrest those "airport transfer" goons plying singapore roads. You are being watched. You enter as a private car...and act gangsters

Go on...I am not your saudara. You are plainly jahil.

You want me to charge your silly British Paki customer Rm500 a day and you take half? Go f yourself.

If you are a tourist coming to singapore via malaysia, watch out dudes. Your tour guide is putting you in hot soup.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Saving the British Economy, is Kent the Garden of England the solution?

The Un-United Kingdom of Great Britain decided to leave the EU. Fine. I do not see why those who wish to stay are being punished for the small majority. Think of the mess we have to clean up; banks etc moving to mainland. So why not bring the mainland to Britain, or part of it anyway?

Kent is the garden of England and the core gateway. If Kent is to be made like Gilbratar or IoManx, we can break away and be part of the EU and still enjoy the cheap tarriffs, legal righta and so forth. Banks and businesses do not need to move far, just across the Thames. OPEN BORDERS just like Northern Ireland and the Republic. As Kent is not part of the Schengen, immigration checks and stamping can be done at either Lydd Ashford or Manston Airports, Dover Folkstone and Ramsgate ports and Ashford Train station.

We can be humane and allow UK raw materials to be assembled and manufactured here in Kent and still marked as premium EU goods. Think of Malaysian Durians but packed in Singapore sold at a huge premium to China etc as SINGAPORE deploys stringent checks etc. Quality.

We can be the next digital ecomony and financial hub without draconian Westminster laws by installing super high speed internet, such as in New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore where 1Gbps *(thats 1000Mb per second) for less than £25 a month. Efficient trains and transport systems and super clean, soft *(no chalky) water.

Healthcare can be further upgraded by charging and subsidising,where locals get heavily subsidised Emergency and First Contact GP clinics and not lewd drunk and disorderly hooligans whom of which have to pay full rates for their rowdiness.

Education can be much better and at a better literacy and 10yr old kids be able to do yr GCSE maths and study robotics and mobile games programming.

Think for the future.
Think now.

Change for the future.