Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Dogelon Mars [ ELON ] Coin - What's my take?

 I am a crypto fanatic, but sometimes I take the cautious step onwards. I hold some for long and some for short and mainly, it's money I can afford to throw, like going to a amusement center and indulge in my games of skills and all.

Elon Coin aka Dogelon Mars is a new coin, hyped out from DOGE and SHIBA with a current market cap of about USD900M with 1 QUADRILLION (1000 Trillion) coins issued out.

As of now, only Crypto.com is the only place selling and trading them, with a vague price of about 1 Euro to 1 Million Elon. There has no proper confirmation that ELON MUSK endorses the coin unlike what he tweeted about SHIBA the other day. I believe this is a token fee for listing in the exchange, tradable against EURO/USD/GBP/XSGD and USDT (teethers).

It’s more or less, speculative market, with some incepting at about $0.35/Mil and mostly between $1~$3 per Million Coins

Most players are Buy,Sell,Profit Take,Rebuy,Resell Cycle and with my own mid-time inception test *(where there is currently a 35M Trade Limit) , made about 150% profit on a mid range and rebuying to keep to the same level of purchases.

Only way to ride this out is to ensure the big market holding, ie with the huge number of people holding the coin so it’s more tradable. 

However, I did some digging at their original contract where there are are some nasty comments with the transactions still pending by heck of alot and by over weeks and months. The developers have been keeping quiet and I honesly feel if you can afford to lose the money, go ahead..but other than that... do your proper due diligence. 

Thats my 10 min wrap

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Malaysia - Home of red tapes and corrupt officials

 Yeah, you read it right. I am telling you blindly that Malaysian Officials Are Corrupt. Look at Najib. Convicted of CBT etc and still out walking like nothing wrong. And that things are so slow on their actions that the Malaccan Bullock Cart is faster than them.

Take example Trucking and Logistics. They are so engrossed in paperwork that the basic stuff like ROAD SAFETY and ROAD WORTHINESS is not to the par. You need a CVLB permit to be a carrier, even delivering your own stuff aka Pembawa A or Pembawa C (A or C Carrier) being A is nationwide and C is limited to State Wide and neighbouring states.  This was created by the British for Indian States for monopoly. Then you need a Commercial Drivers Permit from CVLB and JPJ ( DVLA/ROV/LTA) which is a separate license and Police Permits and Roadworthy checks by Puspakom.

Puspakom is a joke and a monopoly. You wait for 6 hours to get your truck inspected. Whats so hard to check a Truck? Corrosion, Tyres, Brakes, Lights and Exhaust. All because they want coffee money. I did a commercial vehicle test in Singapore and it takes 20mins...from queue to pay to getting the cert. And this is PERIODICAL CHECKS.

Why not make it OPEN and SIMPLE? The need to control number of commercial cargo companies are just plain bull to me and it should be an Open Market thing.

Just in Singapore, you pay to buy your vehicle and make sure you get it insured and taxed properly. Older vehicles have a max span of 20 years and thats it in safety. Here we have Post WW2 trucks still running about and I mean those old TATA and Mercedes trucks without doors. 

1) Simple Importation of NEW VEHICLES. No need of the AP Approved Permit stuff. Just pay 400% tax and ensure it's VTAS certified *(TUV or similar) and make darn sure it's EURO5 compliant to save the earth.

2) Single One Driving License. The need for Goods License Permits etc is just pure nonsense and must be done away with. Collect the Tax and ensure the Driver is Certified. Like in Singapore, you need a Class 4 license similar to a Cat C in UK and a +E for articulated or Class 5 for Singapore. Bus Drivers need either Class 4 or 4A + a Vocational License or in UK , just a Cat D will do. ANNUAL MEDICAL CHECKS is a must for over 50s and 3 year once for those under that. A min age of 21 will make more young blood into the Logistic and Transport industry as it pays quite well for a lower educated person.

 3) Stiffer Penalties for violations such as OVERLOADING and SMOKEY TAILPIPES. In Singapore it's $1000 per HSU over 30HSU and a smokey tailpipe sure land u a $20,000 donation to the coffers. Whereas the big trucks may look overloaded , the smaller LGV are the common culprits such as those carrying food and vegetables to markets, palm oil carrying pickups etc. Honestly, I do it too and was nicked once for GVW of 5900kg on a Tata pickup truck. And it's legal MLW is 3000kg.

Why so many red tapes is that so much can be made through corrupt practices. One thing, the Puspakom is a scam when there are just 70 inspection centers against a vehicular population of over 10 million being that there are no scrappage programs. Compared to 9 in Singapore for a small population of less than 300,000 vehicles, there would need to have at least 300 centers or 3 per district where it also functions as an accident damage assessment center. 

Come on.. Please ..make things streamline and do it just ONESTOP, no more CVLB hoops and JPJ hoops. Just Online.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

The bitter pill for Britain

 As much as I am safe and sound in Singapore, Britain was home to me for quite a significant part of my life and its hurts me when I see them dragged to the mud and into the bogs.

These suggestions are the ONLY BITTER PILL I feel that Britain needs to run the course of should they want to be GREAT all over again, every since the BREXIT and it also means you lot must comply and give up a little bit of privacy and legacy for the generations to come.

IMMIGRATION - MASS AMNESTY AND REGISTRATION. - We do not exactly have a good run of how many are there in UK. Every untested and unchecked person is a health risk to the community and way to go is a MASS AMNESTY. Of course, you pay some sort of money , say 500 quid per person to be REGISTERED as a LEGAL RESIDENT of the United Kingdom. It will sure resolve tons of labour shortages as these people will want to work. Call it an Intermediate Green Card. After 5 years of working and contributing, you get to be Naturalised.

MASS REGISTRATION is needed for EVERYONE. Biometrics, DNA etc and Single ID Number not just linked to your DVLA Number or National Insurance Number. Sometimes, it does not tally and link each other. One Number and Photo ID. One Agency for all the Numbering - Department for Immigration and Nationality Records. Numbers could follow many countries ID system such as BIRTHDAY-XX-YYYY like in Malaysia where the XX is where the state/region they were born etc or BIRTHDAY-ABCD for the CHECKSUM such as 20203101ABCD as there are about 1000+ born in UK Daily.

Talking about privacy is that this is to PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY and do not discriminate your gender just showing your birthday. People who scream high and low of privacy are those who wish not to pay taxes and go on the take, and getting paid in cash. One Single Number will simplify the HMCE, JobCenter, DWP, NHS etc so your records are NOT MESSED UP. 

Reason being, if Reshi wants to be like Singapore, some things NEED TO CHANGE. One Identity System is needed. From Company formations, to property tax and licensing and to swift dispersement of services like MEDICAL.

Example. You are drunk on a Saturday night and you pass out. Ambulance picks you up and with your picture, they can already determine if you have allergies, High BP or some medications which , if wrongly administered, can be fatal. I am a Doctor and I almost make this stupid mistakes when I thought is a drunk but is a Diabetic Epileptic Shock.

You go to the Post Office to collect your Dole, and all you need is your ID number or better , just a Facial Scan. It's already available in Facebook for crying out loud that it's quite simple. Tap your Pin and swipe your finger, and it authenticates your ID. Presto, Money comes up!

CHANGE THE DWP SYSTEM. How? The more you work, the more you save up and the more you can have in your old age or when you need it. Singapore's CPF and Malaysian KWSP EPF systems work. By using your own Provident Savings, your load on the NHS reduces too. And if you talk about the bill being super expensive, the Treasury will subsidise 80% of the medical for Hospitalisation and Costs and you pay about a tenner for a trip to the GP. Foreigners and "Extras" on the services like being in the 4 bedder ward or Singletons will cost you more as the subsidies will be far lesser. 

Definitely will make you able to come to any GP that you like, and get treated for a tenner and without a need of a lengthy appointments. Even when you are skint, you can come to a PolyClinic aka Primary Care Center to be treated for a very token fee, or they can send you a bill later.

Singapore's Health Service is partly commercial and owned by the government. If you have insurance, then you can pop to the more lush hospitals if you wish to.

MANDATORY 30 DAY QUARANTINE. That looks easy, but EVERYONE STAYS HOME! If you do not have money for fuel etc, then there is a one off FUEL TOPUP for the 30days worth, say 100 quid and Food Rations to be delivered and One Off Dole Disbursement for all. That means MANDATORY ID again to the point of #1

HIRING OF UNEMPLOYED FOR MASS CONTACT TRACING & TESTING. There are a few million unemployed and I believe the government should just pay them 3000 quid a month, without any tax or deductions plus they are still on the dole for their Volunteer Services. This is a RISK ALLOWANCE. You will need about 400,000 people and draft up the yobbos to do the job, for marshal etc. We do not need to use the ARMY or NHS RESOURCES FOR THIS! Give em a medal after 6 months of service to make them proud of serving the country.

 MASS TESTING. Enough being said above and it's time to get things done. And NOT JUST ONE TIME. 2 x Testing. And after all these done which will be before spring, we can isolate and get things on the way.

MASS VACCINATION is something we do not need to say. Once these people who are cleared, wearing a GREEN TAG will go for inoculation. 

ULTRA HIGH SPEED FIBER AT EVERY HOME & BUILDING. That is key to Singapore success and to hell with Councils and Health and Safety nonsense. Get this done so everyone is on the digital landscape where every home can be a business.

Even in New Zealand, fiber has reached even to the farmers barn and it's a shame with the current state of internet connectivity in UK and where the remote parts of Scotland do not even have proper utilities such as water and electric mains.

BUILD MORE HOMES. We need to make homes super affordable. There are many parks and industrial spaces which could be reallocated to high rise units and when I say high rise, is 40 storey high which in a football field, will yield about 10,000 units. Think of kicking out Tesco or Sainsbury in Whitechapel and replacing with that and still you have your Sainsbury and local there. And connected to the overland train station and Tube.

These units will even give better safety and lessen the parking woes with even bigger green spaces and community use-enabled spaces such as kindergarten, parks, running tracks etc. Imagine running on the high deck in London, 50 floors up. The Pinnacle Duxton is an example. 

These can be completed as early as 3 years using the Pre Fab method. Jobs will be created. And no more GRENFELL as it will be quipped with Fire Hydrants, Sprinkler System, Stop Smoke Lobbies etc.

By reassigning land and repurchasing the old land for high rise, London can be the New Asia of Europe without the fuss of EU telling us what to do.

And for the food shortage, then SELL LOCAL. Buy from Asia.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Revolut Metal - is it for me?

 First off, the Metal plan was initially BRILIANT until the MAS laws step in. Paying $240/yr for 1% of cashbacks makes no sense when the concierge is gone and free lounge access is up in the sky, ie NOT FLYING~

Being a business person, I would appreciate having both Visa and Mastercard as an extra perk for the metal holder plus that the limit of having 2 physical cards are a bummer!

Getting customer service is somewhat NON EXISTENT ANYMORE and calling the 800 number won't get you anywhere. They should at least invest in some sort of offline support for PAID MEMBERS who may need emergency services etc, esp when then the app goes south. Emailing them DO NOT WORK!

I AM NOT PAID FOR THIS REVIEW but other than the card looks nice and no withdrawal in Singapore, it devalues the card totally and you have other better free cashback and goodie cards like MCO or sort.

So my rating is now 3.5* or 74% satisfaction.

And if you want one, a normal one for now, you can sign up using my direct link and leave a comment here too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Of Blockchain, Crypto and Coins – The Dinosaur’s Edition

Many do not understand what is these hype all about, of Bitcoin, Ledger and stuff like that and even worse, in the 21st century, even financial institutions are adopting the Blockchain technologies that come with it. So here is the brief run down for everyone to be up to speed.


Cryptography is the method of ENCRYPTING or shuffling of data into a scrambled piece of information that only the sender and receiver can understand. Something like the Nazi Germany’s Enigma machines during WW2. It contains a cipher text and a Private Key which is needed to unlock or decode the message. Crypto Coins are tokens or coins in a casino minted off a factory called a Mine which the limit is defined in the initial definitions or Contract, something like the Constitution. There is a limit to how many can be mined and / or circulated.


Coins or Tokens are what these assets are called and in the defined currency. Usually we will hear BITCOIN , ETHEREUM or tokens and the currency code will be like BTC , ETH or others. They are minted by means of a REWARD SYSTEM or MINING where each block they mined, they get a certain number of coins + the mining fees.


What is a Miner and Mining Fees. To pay for a transaction or send a message, you need to pay some sort of fee, like electricity tariffs to the producer. The Miners will mine the block, encode and sign the ledger collectively and share the rewards and finders fee. Think of it as the Postman who collects your checks for the bank to process and gets a fee on the postage stuck to the envelopes. Whoever pays higher fees gets their transactions through first and the cheapest will take the last priority, mainly there is a limit to the size of the queue.


A Block is a group of transactions , bound together as a collective and at the end of the specified block, defined as either by size of the block or time is signed at the end of the block and encoded to the chain. Think of your class homework is checked by the teacher , signed off and results *(Hash of the Transactions) is recorded into the Report Book and the report book is signed by the headmaster. So before next year starts, your headmaster checks the report book signed by the teacher, add that to the start of the next year report and it goes on and on. That is called a Chain.


Because it’s been signed off by the Headmaster, the results cannot be changed on your homework or test results because everyone can have a copy of the report books. That is called the Ledger. The ledger sits on the block chain.


There are some coins that piggy back on some other infrastructure. It may be sitting on the XCP CounterParty network which rides on Bitcoin BTC network or Ethereum based ERC-20 for Tokens or ERC-721 for non-fungible tokens *(more like a fantasy coin or other uses). The coin or token require a smart contract to create and issue the coins and some due diligence is needed. A transaction fee of satoshis *(about USD7 worth of BTC at current time) or Ether Gas *(called wei ~ approx. 25c in fees) are needed to encode the message into the chain.


DAX or commonly known as Digital Asset eXchange is an exchanger of assets. Think of it as a stock market where you trade your money for future contracts like Oil etc or Forex like USD-GBP-JPY etc. A DAX sometimes sell you assets in your local currency and at times allow you to trade in different pairs such as USDT-BTC-ETH or other major pairs.


Note that USDT is a TEETHER where the asset is pegged against USD safely kept in a custodian.

Do check and do a proper full due diligence. Think of them as Promissory Notes by the Central Banks. There are stable coins for currencies like the Singapore Dollar xSGD which are acceptable by exchangers such as Cryto.com, CoinHako, Luno and others.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Easy ScotCoin Migrate


The Scotcoin Project have posted many videos on how to Migrate from Scotcoin V2 to Scotcoin V3

This is the SIMPLE GUIDE!

These are needed:

  1. $10 worth of BTC in your V2 account
  2. Your ETH ERC Address.
  3. Google Account (for your DRIVE)

Step 1) CREATE YOUR OWN ETH Wallet using GETH

  •   Download GETH from the OFFICIAL ETHEREUM WEBSITE. Its version 1.9.22
  • Install GETH 
  • run geth 1st time ...*(wait for a few minutes to cache up)
  • create a new wallet with the command geth account new
    • It will ask you for a password
    • It will show you your address

    • KEEP YOUR PRIVATE KEY SAFE! In this case the address is 0xCbe48547de20245b3ca39D105C953cA582386754
    • Verify the address keystore.
      the keystore will always show address and the cipher. IF YOU LOSE YOUR PASSWORD, YOU ARE SCREWED!!!
    • Windows users: your keystore is in c:\program files\geth\keystore or %appdata% ...so look carefully where it chuck it.
    • Copy this file to your Google Drive as safe keep
Step 2) Login to your Counterparty Wallet
Thats it! You now have Scotcoins migrated.

Now..according to the Scotcoibn V2 Blockchain..there is 2600 token holders that did not migrate off, so please migrate it back!

That is alot of tokens running about.

Did I forget to say.. if you have any left BTC in your Counterparty wallet, you can either donate to me or U can open your own Crypto.com wallet and use it to spend in the shops vis of a Debit card.

It's quite simple anyway.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

What is the Living Will?

Sometimes, I get that question.. and it's a pain in the backside for me too, since I am a Singaporean and my darling wife is from Malaysia and since we got kids and Singapore don't bother much, it's a real pain to put wills into perspective.

So What I am going to do is radical since the new age, VIDEO DEFEATS THE PAPER. And that the fact that I do not trust lawyers and their fees et al. And whether they are in my best interests.

So here is my Will.

I, AZRIN BIN ABDUL MAJID, commonly known as Rapheal Azrin who is born in Singapore hereby declare the following:

1)That my legal and legitimate Children are as follows:
NUR RAUDHAH AZRIN and at this time and date, are FIVE (05) Only.

2)That my legal Wife is _________________________(I will not name here).
3) That my Trustee in the power of attorney and discharges is NURASYIKIN ABDUL MAJID, whom is my Blood SISTER (RELATIONSHIP) {can't provide my recipient as trustee}
4) That I have insurance Policies in Singapore, UK, Malaysia (State Countries) with pension policies.
5) That I have willed to CPF Board of my will , Dated ____________ to be correct.
6) That my Religion is ISLAM and I am creating this in accordance to the laws and rites of religion; and of that, upon my death, my remains be treated as such in accordance to my beliefs.
7) That my CPF related health and insurance policies are willed accordingly to my suiting.
8) In the event of my demise (BRAIN DEAD/MEDICALLY INCAPACITATED), my Trustee will be given the authority to donate my organs whilst I am still on artificial support or terminate my life. And in this instance , I am ordering a DO NOT RESUSCITATE. However, it is up to the medical professional to ascertain my life viability and Quality of Life.
9) That my Digital Assets is kept in an offsite location known to the Trustee and to execute to the best of interests.

Signed/Dated on timestamp
Singapore 2020

Investing in Data Disaster & Recovery Post COVID19

The most dreaded word.. DATA DISASTER & RECOVERY bring shivels into many IT professionals and managers alike. It's like WHAT IF WE LOOSE ALL OUR DATA senario. And recently, me being a real jack nerd... had it's own share of kaplui when my kid used my file server to host his ROBLOX games. Ouch.

Here are some IT situations than can resolve this. Onsite , Cloud, Hosted or Crowd.

Onsite means - use a hardware to back yr data up. Server or likewise. Offsite means it will be hosted at a Webhost / Co-location or otherwise and it's almost the same as an OnSite and Cloud... you know what its all about.

Crowd is a new kind of technology but with an older mind attached to it. Think of it as the old Napster / MIRC piracy days where one copy of the file is copied across so many peers and if you need just one file, so many peers can send you the file across the globe, bits and bobs of it.

With the era of BlockChain , ERC 2.0 and et al, I have been toying about with Tardigrade.io using Storj as the underlining backbone of the storage hosts aka Nodes. Each copy of your file is Fragmented and each fragment is hosted by at least 5 nodes and encrypted.

It looks to be an S-3 compatible BLOB technology comparative to the AWS or Azure and it's not blocked by the Chinese Firewall. And in terms of process and speed, that is up to the network satellite and cross connectivity as some are linked with E1 and some like me are linked up with GBE connections and a more preferred node.

Price wise at 1c/Gb for the store will work to about 1.5c per GB of data delivered meaning a typical LTO of 6TB will likely cost you about $100 without the need of the LTO Device, Tapes and Power.
Compare this against a $20k CAPEX cost for the drive alone and tapes.. ouch... it's a hands down winner.

Being having users all over the place, then we have the luxury of the data being segregated and not having a bottle neck across the data feed.

"But I die die want to have onsite" is a mentality which is GOOD that works well with the CROWD.
I have a customer which is a Hogger... 450TB of data... ONSITE...and if anything goes... I say God Save Em... and with a 1Gbps link (Read GPON-upload is 500Mbps)... means it will take em 79 days to upload the whole frigging data onto the network, which is a killer.

That being said, a good management of data is critical to this business case.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Opening up Johor for Business.


From malls to hotels, the Singaporean haunts that have gone quiet in Johor Bahru amid COVID-19 

compliments of CNA today, and this is what I feel I need to say.

This is why you should not talk big and blame your small brother for all your woes. SG-JB is a Symbiosis of coexistence and needed each other to support and grow, otherwise it will be the same like Rantau Panjang in Kelantan or Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah where all drive to Danok for stuff.

One way is to Bite the frigging bullet and barricade Johor off from rest of Malaysia and check EVERYONE in JOHOR. Costly, but that will be the small step towards cleaning up the illegal immigrants and other criminal and viral activities.

Then we slowly get things done and grow the economy. Poor Malaysian friends who need us and we too, poor us who are suffering cos of the high fuel and food costs.

Otherwise, Bintan could do the same and we all flock there.

You see, Singapore NEEDS the workforce to get things running, such as construction and services and we need an outlet to spend the money and get that itch out. We need to relax too. Being cooped up at home, SLS HLE WFH all are draining our mental might and we might be breaking into shatters when this is over.

Forget the airport, we can forgo that, we need our massages, hot spa and other stuff...and FOOD .. DELICIOUS FOOD. Don't forget one full shopping trolley in SG could cost about $300 compared to RM300 in Malaysia with like for like.

Yes, Malaysians will make noise that they cannot get into Johor without passport and checks but if every state is cleared, of pests, illegals and viruses, then we all can enjoy. 400,000 Malaysians can come to work and thats at least $500M or RM1.5 billion spent in Malaysian economy monthly.

What you feel?

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Post Malaysia MCO & CB for Malaysian Vehicles in Singapore

Hello friends,
Many have asked about this VEP issue that have buggered them alot. And this is the simple explaination for all our Malaysian friends.

VEP is FREE from 18 Mar to 14 April. So if you entered on Pre MCO, add the days (usually one or two days)

Every WORKING DAY is a charge on your VEP. Motorbike $4 and Cars $35.

If your VEP Expired due to road tax and insurance issue, please renew them NOW and paste the new tax sticker on your car, else an Enquiry of Road Tax Expiry from the JPJ LKM website can do. You need your MyKad and Reg no only. Please upload to the UPDATE VEP DETAILS website and if cannot then U need to email to iVEP@LTA gov.sg with log card (GERAN), Insurance and Autopass Number.

As a general rule, One Calender Month is about $80 for bikes and $800 for cars. (I kena before..pay gaogao..koyak sia... cos never insert) plus admin fee of $100!
So if you remove by end of June... will pay about $220 for bikes and $2,000 for car!!!
Don't be shocked!

If you cannot tahan that...the Petrol price in SG lagi rabak ..unless U can borrow some friend's PHV card and pump at 20-25% off. Parking is a murder.

Towing out of SG cost about $300-400 per vehicle and there are some in SG Superbike group that does it.

Good luck.