Saturday, May 17, 2014


Folks, please disregard all info on the Shenzen Airport guides you have as it's outdated as the new terminal opened 3 months ago and I had a very bad time getting about.

International Arrivals is on LEVEL 1 aka GROUND. Fill up the yellow embarkation form and exit to the Ground Transport Center which is on the other building.

There are many shops and you will see a Starbucks there on the left. The old terminal is at AIRPORT EAST but new one is a distance away and you take the LUOHU Line (Green) Metro to Hui Rui. There is a shuttle bus to the terminal. Bus number is M416 and very crowded and these Mainland Chinese push and shove about and they have their manners kept in the ancestral homes up in the mountains. There is no fee to it.

From the GTC , there is a Shuttle to the Metro. It's ahead 12'o clock. Hours between 0700-2200 as the last trains leave about 2230.
Get a SHENZEN TONG aka Oyster/Octopus/EZLink whatever you call it back home. RMB100. The Single ticket machines accept only 5Yuan notes or COINS! Pain in the backside.

Town Shuttle to LuoHu cost about RMB20 or so. Its on your left if I am not mistaken
Bus to Hong Kong is on the right as there is a counter selling them.
Ferry to Macau and Hong Kong Airport is also around there.

Don't take the night flight home as if you arrive after 10, basically, you are screwed.

Taxis cost about RMB200 to LuoHu or about US$40. Red taxis operate where the Special Economic Zone is or about where you see any Metro Station. Anywhere outside, you need the GREEN Taxi.

If you go from Town / City Centre to visit a factory OUTSIDE THE ZONE, you need to alight at SHENZEN NORTH and change to a GREEN TAXI. Otherwise, I always take the Metro to the nearest to the area (usually Northwards to GuangZho from the lake, and Red Line) and get a Green Cab.

Costs is about US$1 or so a KM. So run a guide with Google Maps and you can see for yr self.

Shenzen is an expensive place now,trust me

Mining as a service.

Mining as a service.
First off, this is not to be taken lightly in view of BTC or BITCOIN has reached a critical USD540 mark recently and those who were hogging it are really booming from this phenomena.
What is BITCOIN or any of the digital coins? Think of this as another form of currency, obtained digitally thru mining and Proof of Work and there is a limited supply of these coins about.
Anyone can create a currency and it's not so hard, but being accepted is another matter altogether. As time goes by, the stockpile of coins are reduced and the chain gets harder to mine.
As of today, after the launch of BITCOIN, the difficulty stands at 8.8+ Trilion and that goes up 8% every 14 days or so and at current rate, using a 1TH *(Tera Hash) miner which is the biggest in the market **(cos it takes 1000W of Power), it would take you about 500+ days to find a block worth 25 coins or so.
So, they work as a pool to mine and combine the compute capability to find the next block and everyone is given a fair share based on their computing grid.
In retrospect, 1TH or 1024GH consists of 40 or so ASIC chips and these are far faster than your GPU/VIDEO card. One GEFORCE 750M can throw up about 1.4MH and and i7 CPU about 2.5MH or so.
It all goes back to the basics of computing which is CISC or RISC process compute. Think of a Motorcycle can go faster in a short sprint than a huge truck.

I am now writing this in SHENZEN,CHINA where I hope I make the right decision in my R&D to rate and test this machine all together, but the other cryptos such as SHA256D which Bitcoin uses *(and I paid for) is far shorter than of SCRYPT, SCRYPT-N and the latest X-11 which the ASIC chip cannot handle. I may look into the possibility of R&D some X11 machine as I see a trick somewhere here. All I need now is a XEON Machine with 8 cores and Dual CPU to prove my theory right.

Lets see where it goes.