Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cloud as an industrial sector

Everyone now is talking about Cloud or SAAS or AAS or xx as a service.

But what is the cloud and what is so special about it? Or is it just a hype?

Cloud is an array of computing processes or power combined together as one machine,either physically or virtually and reassign the processing cores into sub machines or virtual processes. It can do databas processing, graphics, encryption, web farms or application farms, all to your liking.

You might know of the major players such as Microsoft Azure, Amazone AWS, Google Apps / services and other smaller players such as parallels, cloud front , cloud flare and other hosted solutions. But these are just SAAS or Software as a service, or even Storage as a service. There are many more complicated AAS such as Storage, software, Cloud, Computing, Data Center (DCaaS) and lately Network as a service, where your IP Address networks are parked into a global switch and data and network are rerouted as needed according to your array.

There is private, public and hybrid cloud where you can push these as a local network (leased , rented or owned) and segregate the network according to your requirements, either by vLan, VPN , public IP Addressing or even Private over Public. It's darn complicated right? nope.

I am now into SAAS, NAAS now where I provide storage of the customers critical data, such as their accounting systems, into a grid, where it's backed up, mirrored and separated from the outside world. The users will then just map the drive just as their local drives, because they are actually accessing the service remotely, and no data is stored locally. With BYOD or Bring your own device coming to age, it is a critical point for any company, that any data loss is unacceptable. Hardware failure is not an option now and with computers getting too cheap, its the data cost that outweighs the hardware replacement. Even VOIP IPPbx is hosted outside the site even before the great Singtel Fire Fiasco.

What type of hardware am I using?
16 Xeon Quads with up to 2TB of RAM, 64TB of tiered storage with a combi of SSD and SAS drives PER SERVER (8u) connected to a multi tier hardware storage server of 2.6PB of data capacity per module loaded across multiple data enters worldwide, with Tier1 peerings.

Network speeds? 4x10gbe network per server or usually Gigabit links over ipv6.
my network cost? $70,000 per server and about $3.6million for the storage giant.

My ROI? 8 mths

Monday, October 7, 2013

Itchy fingers

Someone either have nothing better to do or have soms darn hatred against me which I strongkt feel idid not pissed anyone off except my fellow compadres.

Damage done gonna cost me about $150 or so...