Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why in Singapore private ambulances are not given right of way

I symphatise with the problem private ambulances face, but the core issue is the NON-STANDARDISATION of the VEHICLE makes people not realise there is an ambulance at the back.

There just need alot of changes to the industry too, as they are at fault too. Being in the medical profession, I see the light in both ways, as the driver and as the medical person in the back.

Just having red warning lights and siren won't just do, people can't see them from far, and that there should be proper guidelines to what is considered an EMERGENCY AMBULANCE and not a FERRY AMBULANCE which looks typically , a Van or Minibus used by the SAF with a Red Cross. A Van Jenazah or carrying the dead looks just the same.

1) Strobing lights with BLUE LIGHTS at the height of about 1.2M is needed to let the driver in front see there is an ambulance behind him needing the right way.

2) Our traffic lights require the IR Strobe Sensors installed so that if one is approaching, the light automatically change back to GREEN ALL AHEAD for them to pass, just as how in Malaysia, UK, US and Europe has implemented.

3)The ambulances must be of standard spec. I suggest either the same of the US version of the Ambulance which the SCDF is using, or at least a Merc Vito, LDV Transit equivalent. They must be painted with FLORESCENT GREEN and SUPER BRIGHT COLORS all about. Along with the LED Strobe lights of blue and red, these will make sure the ambulances are not tailed.

4)Proper Education. Ambulance Drivers must learn NOT to take the task easily and AVOID TRAFFIC JAMS. Why they face issues when the SAF "Ghostbuster" sirens are given way is that their hospitals are in grid locked areas such as Beach Road, Siglap, Orchard Road and many more....compared to CGH, SGH, AH, TTSH which are just off MAIN HIGHWAYS! Saving lives are the cause of their work, so just get to ANY hospital first , then transfer later. Otherwise, a Helivac is more appropriate.

5) Fines and Cameras are useless when a life is lost. Government and local authorities has to play their part too. Ambulance companies too... must know that their business is to save lives.. and must not take things easy. Hospitals too must be adequately free of hindrance. That person inside may be your child.

I have at many times took the critically ill to hospital in my own personal car,be it them bleeding their guts on my sofa as I know every minute counts and I don't get anyone holding me up when I have my hazard lights on and flashing headlights..... so why the ambulance?

Dr R Azrin

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weird Dinner

Sometimes I am always doing weird things and this is one of them. Chilli Sprouts and Jering (Jengkol) which is a member of the Stinky Family of Beans including Petai and Kerdas what nots.

Honestly, I prefer the Jering skinned off leaving only the nutty flesh without any outer coverinng as it does not taste the bitterness nor the stench. However, the urine do stink and not as much as the Petai.

Coming to why Chilli Sprouts... which is the reason for me to try out, is it as what Jamie Oliver said it would be, spicy and hot and the answer is NO! The seed does not display any of the tangy sensations that biting into a hot chilli pepper will do and that for one, is a plus for me since I can take the heat, but a little bit allergic to the after effect, giving me the Monkey Business problem, scratching all over like a flea ridden animal. Which by the way, I am not having fleas or what not, just that a dry itchy scalp problem, solved by Head and Shoulders.

The ripe old Jering is best eaten COOKED or BOILED OVER. It just taste like Chestnuts and old and riped ones are hard to come by, costing as much as RM3 for just 8 pieces.

As for the young ones, usually 20pcs cost you RM5!

Now, that is ORGANIC!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Wanted: Wordpress Theme Developer

Due to multiple fraud and resume spam, I have to post some extra checks in place.
I need a few persons or teams to come up with designs within 2-3 hours. These must not be BASE64 Encoded as 100% full copyright will be ours.

Please provide me the following:
YOUR FULL LINKEDIN Profile and your company if AGENCY (MANDATORY!) I need you to FOLLOW ME (add me) and follow our company so we know you are serious.

I don't want what you have done, these can be bogus and recycled. I want to see DEFAULT TEMPLATES you have designed on your website (just as how a preview works on Wordpress)

Showcase it to me here.Then place your bids on oDesk.
Good luck.

Wanted: AWBS Theme Designer

iExploreAsia Media SG is recruiting a few persons or teams to create and integrate application plugins on the AWBS Hosting Software. The current theme at GizmoNET IntraWEB really sucked and among others, also looks terrible. This is the DEFAULT theme and we would like to make it more lively!

If you know how to create and design Wordpress themes, then it will be excellent as these are to be integrated and functions be pulled from the AWBS services deep within.

Kindly download a trial copy of AWBS and refer to the WIKI for more help.

There will be a need to design not just ONE but many themes, so swift design and turn around time is highly regarded.
Kindly follow me on LinkedIN with your FULL Profile and Picture and Follow the Company (see the icon on the side) so I know you have read this. This is the start of many, so please be professional.

Proposals can be left here, but pricing etc are to be on ODESK.

Thank you for reading this.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Singapore being Efficient and Green

One thing that Singapore is not efficient is about the way things are done for the food supply and which literally means we are 95% dependent on our neighbours and poor quality (method wise) food which are cheap from China.

I am no genius but having lived for the past 2 years odd coup up in Kuala Pilah, I begin to love the Green and Efficient ways of Farming and Hospitality and of which where oil prices are at a steady high, we should look more to being Green and Efficient, and for Singapore sake, INDEPENDENT of Food Security Threats.

Even the Saudis are talking now about food security and I for one have to agree that this is a real issue here. So here are my patented ideas.

Houses or Flats are built 50 floor high and on every ledge, corridor where we usually hang the flag or laundry, we have patios for our greens. Using the method of "Fertigation" by the Malaysian Agriculture Ministry, these vegetables are planted on REAL SOIL combined with 40% peat and this will lower our solar penetration and keep the place COOL (creating a shade and more oxygen). The patio is 40% of the height of the parapet which is about 3 feet or so.

The rooftop is an elevated platform which sits above the water tank where hydra-phonic plants are being grown. Where the water from the septic waste (washing and bathing) had been preliminarily filtered of large particles, it is being pumped back to the roof top to water the plants and vegetables of the parapets and patios. The parapets patios are being fitted with controlled water flow piping and the bottom is filled with coconut husk so that it sits as another filter, so the rainwater and excess water (and it serves as a retention for moisture on hot days) is being collected and channeled back to the real water tables and reservoirs.

The roof also holds another key element, a wind turbine either the typical triple blade windmill type or the vertical standing type, riding on the thermal waves of the hot mid day. That in itself powers equivalent of 70% of the whole block of flats or about 112MW at peak or 45MW at low range where minimal wind is available.

The control of livestock, namely chickens are the key to food security. A typical footprint of a 20 flat HDB flat can accommodate approximately 100,000 chickens (or about one per square feet, namely a flat is about 1000 sq ft x 20 at least) and if we have 5 floors stacked up, taking the same as 10 floors, we have about half a million chickens able to feed us for 3 days every 4 months. So what you do with the wasted foot print? The top of the chicken farm is being home to the foreign workers. After all, these Bangladeshis and Indian workers will be just at home as how they are. Why waste space right? We can hold them all right smack at where BULIM cemetery and Lim Chu Kang are.

Downright a breach of Human Rights? Maybe..but beats staying underground, where they build our bunkers, and they stay in them... an underground housing estate.. cool huh? We can have our Jurong Country Club on top of that for all I care.

One thing that makes me wonder and a cause for concern is insurgency training among our fellow comrades. FIBUA village (AMA KENG to many) is no longer relevant and a brief stint with the British Armed Forces back 10 years ago taught me, we have to do that, in real time. So why not USE their housing as our training ground? We will use standard equipment, but with MINE sets and Paintball bullets as opposed to rubber or chalk blanks, and we invade their and when we need to. Of course, it will be always a surprise, as our Police Force will be the insurgents and vice versa...trying to take us all out. Our cops are getting too chubby anyway and they really need the work out and so do I.We will only get 2 hour lead time into a real FIBUA training exercise and after 2 hours real training, we move out..and let everyone back to their normal lives..and the cleaners cleaning up the mess we made... They want Permanent Residence? Then contribute.. as we never know that we have to fight a real dog fight just as how Mas Selamat made his Selamat Petang tribute and escaped from the Old Police Academy. BTW, I used to study there at the it's pretty known that SECURITY IS LAPSE!!

Eventually, We will have to resort to these. We are SINGAPOREANS and WE MUST COME FIRST. So let the jokers and immigrants have a taste of what our forefathers had building this country, living in cramped quarters, where 7 members of the family in a 3 bedroom flat.

We don't want to be dependent on Natural Resources, so why waste? Our Green Energy plan must be put in place and we must NOT rely on OIL or touch wood, Nuclear. We don't want a Japanese Disaster.

I'm no politician, but we have to do it somehow..and oh ya..the Yishun Lake and Jurong Lake can be a place where we rear tilapia or at least we can go fishing often.

QUALITY LIVING. Green Ecology.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Retirement from Parliament

As a whole, I don't support many policies that the current Singapore Government have over the people such as low CPF Pensions and Increased Retirement Age but it is about time that things do change. I for one, am more of the INDEPENDENT person where some policies are holding up for me, but some are not beneficial for the Singaporeans.

Likewise, just as Dr Mahathir stepped down from Malaysian politics in grace is far better than shamed like what SM Goh Chok Tong faced and more of a blow to Mr Lee K Y as the support for the government is at the all time low. I am not in favor of Mr Goh stepping down as he served his time properly and with good policies in check whereas MM Lee should have relinquished his post many years ago due to his poor frailing health. I for one do not want to see him die in office, as it's a shame to see a legend die, grappling over his achievements and be lost and cussed overnight.

What the PAP could do TODAY will affect our support tomorrow.
 My suggestions are as follows:
  • MORE HOMES FOR EVERYONE with prices at less than $200,000 which literally mean 20-50 storey flats all about. First timers like me don't need 4 bedroom flats, just a 3 room will do for the new family especially for us who have been overseas studying etc and want to relocate back,priority should go to us, as we have no where to call home.
  • FULL LOANS for HOUSING without a need of a bank loan for FIRST UPGRADE from their first flat due to growing family. YOU NEED OUR KIDS to feed you for the next 2 decades. You can only LUCKY PICK your more choosing. Don't want it, then you cannot apply for 5 year!
  • More accessible jobs for us. Make it harder for the foreigners to get work here. TAX THEM AT 40% just as how I paid in the UK.Make their bosses pay National Insurance, just as how we should contribute to CPF, 20% of their pay plus the boss paying another 10% to the pool for their coverage of EMERGENCY HEALTH COVER such as hospitalisations. The excess of the money each year goes to the Poor Singa Fund, meaning to cover our Polyclinic and basic medicines such as cough, flu and other essential cover like A&E. We are the TAUKE.. not them! Excess money go and pay us DIVIDENDS!
  • S Pass to be increased to $4,000 so that only those who are eligible can apply. Make the bosses pay the salaries to the central government so that the wages be credited to the FOREIGN EMPLOYEE ACCOUNT. These people CAN rent flats from us. They must sit for the ENGLISH TEST at 6.5 standard with AT LEAST a credible university certificate.Otherwise, they must sit and pass our GCE O Level English within ONE YEAR.
  • Q Pass for Expatriates to be increased to $10,000 a month! They can only stay in PRIVATE HOUSING!
  • Give the low paying Work Permit class jobs instead to our neigbours next door (Malaysians, Filipino, Indonesian,Thai) instead. The ratio should be 5:1 (Five Singaporeans to ONE foreign worker,with the Singaporean pay combined, the foreigner is drawing no more than 10-20% of the Singaporean salary) Base this figure from GROSS CPF CONTRIBUTIONS of the company. Ease the Malaysian to say 5:2 as in the end, they contribute to our well being and being good to them, is good for our family too.
  • 100% acceptance to UNIVERSITIES with 100% loans without interest. We have to work to pay them off anyway.
  • Those who want PR MUST SERVE 3 YEARS NATIONAL SERVICE FIRST! Women must work for 3 years in the Public Service such as Teacher, Nursing, Civil Defence, Kindergarten Teacher alike! They can only leave Singapore for 180 days every 3 years. Exit Permits a must, Saudi Style! No Reservist Done=NO EXIT! After 3 years then they can apply for Citizenship!
  • NO MORE ERP & COE! However, you can control the issue of vehicle by LUCKY DRAW! ONE HOUSE, ONE CAR MAX!
  • Lower Power and Utilities. Exercise GREEN ENERGY Smart option! The island is too hot now!
  • REMOVE THE GST or at least drp to 3% for just Luxury Goods! That means SIM LIM SQUARE.
  • NO HANGING OUT IN ORCHARD ROAD. THIS IS NO PINOY TOWN! I don't want to see our pride and joy become Bethnal Green aka Bangla Town / Hamlets.
  • Place all the Foreign Workers Quarters near AMA KENG or FIBUA VILLAGE!
  • MRT to be more frequent and straight to Tuas Checkpoint, Woodlands Checkpoint and Tekong Camp!
  • Ministers and MP are all alike. You can only take $10,000 monthly salary! No car for you, take the freaking MRT to work lah!
  • DUAL CITIZENSHIP for those who born Singaporeans and Served NS!
  • Automatic Citizenship of Singaporean Children, where ever they are born!
These are just some of the sentiments. We want also better alliance with Malaysia and beyond so every weekend, we can disappear and have a retreat overseas in green and serenity. So give us the option to tap into our CPF Funds to buy a house in South Malaysia.

All I ask is simple:

Come on PAP....if you are serious..then this is your task!

Monday, May 9, 2011

What MM Lee forgot

MM Lee spoke on the defeat of the PAP against their arch enemy, Workers Party yesterday and I think JB Jeyaratnam would be proud  of his sacrifice.


However, old man is too gullible..and he should step down, just as Dr Mahathir… and what I commented… to his post.


It's time for the PAP to WAKE UP and LISTEN... SMELL THE COFFEE... and don't be pampered! To many, these people are so elusive that they are the main reason of  your defeat and drastic drop in support.

We supported you for the last 40 years...and we appreciate it, but as a prominent politician said to me, it is time to move on, move forward and not always look back, otherwise we will always be looking back at how we were governed by the British, which BTW are so cocked up even today!

So now, No more ERP, No more Foreign Imports, and concentrate on US, your Electorate. These Chinaman, Pinoys and Annehs are there to suckle our hard earned money, and when dry, they run back home. What about us? Of Our Kids? Of Our Future?

Have some honor and dignity. LEARN and LEAD. Nobody is indispensable in Singapore politics, kick those who drag you down and in a year or so, call for a by-election on those wards to see , if you really mean what you said.

Many of us are already are fed up..and we are here to give them a make sure you do a proper job..TODAY..not yesterday. How many of us are not in Singapore and 'cari makan' in Malaysia, the so for called poorer neighbour? Heck of a lot! Why? It's worth it, less stress, better enviroment, and being treated an asset and respected, not like how we are in Singapore.

Too bad many of our Singapore Talents are refusing to come back...for as long as the PAP is thinking sky high on Cloud Nine.

Have a break. Have a Kit Kat... and then work super duper hard!

…PS: I was your Electorate…. Now in another..because Tanjong Pagar is still a Slum!