Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sex Sells.... Singaporean Girl Caught

Sex is a heavy keyword that makes the most number of visits to my blog. Singaporean Couple Caught Having Sex was somehow STOMPED or something like that attracted the most number of entries.

Same as if I placed an entry contained Malaysian Opposition Woman Politician Having Sex would also attract alot of visits. Simply put the title of VIDEO OF NURUL IZZAH HAVING SEX would make me flagged for pornography or even banned as an XXX site and many labeled me as a Malaysian Government Macai or Shit headder ... but I'm not.

The topic is ...Sex Sells...and some idiots would just click on your site for Sex Keywords.

So why did some websites fail? As Irfan Khairy would put it.. the wrong set of keywords. What is the core keywords you need to bid for the product? Or the relevancy. Would you key the entry as Sabah Seaweed or entry as key entry for Possible Cure For Acne and Facial Disfigurement?  Medically might not be really correct but if they modify the key anchor for Make You Look Younger be a better placement?

So my dear wife... Mocking with words sells. Branding and Key Wording...
Go back and read the freaking manual... ooh I forgot.. you hate READING.

Thanks for NOT READING this page full of Sex and Trash.

PS: This is a remrant and a blog..so my wish what I want to put..even naked pic of me here...and good looking bimbos at the background.

Did I really say that?