Thursday, September 24, 2020

What is the Living Will?

Sometimes, I get that question.. and it's a pain in the backside for me too, since I am a Singaporean and my darling wife is from Malaysia and since we got kids and Singapore don't bother much, it's a real pain to put wills into perspective.

So What I am going to do is radical since the new age, VIDEO DEFEATS THE PAPER. And that the fact that I do not trust lawyers and their fees et al. And whether they are in my best interests.

So here is my Will.

I, AZRIN BIN ABDUL MAJID, commonly known as Rapheal Azrin who is born in Singapore hereby declare the following:

1)That my legal and legitimate Children are as follows:
NUR RAUDHAH AZRIN and at this time and date, are FIVE (05) Only.

2)That my legal Wife is _________________________(I will not name here).
3) That my Trustee in the power of attorney and discharges is NURASYIKIN ABDUL MAJID, whom is my Blood SISTER (RELATIONSHIP) {can't provide my recipient as trustee}
4) That I have insurance Policies in Singapore, UK, Malaysia (State Countries) with pension policies.
5) That I have willed to CPF Board of my will , Dated ____________ to be correct.
6) That my Religion is ISLAM and I am creating this in accordance to the laws and rites of religion; and of that, upon my death, my remains be treated as such in accordance to my beliefs.
7) That my CPF related health and insurance policies are willed accordingly to my suiting.
8) In the event of my demise (BRAIN DEAD/MEDICALLY INCAPACITATED), my Trustee will be given the authority to donate my organs whilst I am still on artificial support or terminate my life. And in this instance , I am ordering a DO NOT RESUSCITATE. However, it is up to the medical professional to ascertain my life viability and Quality of Life.
9) That my Digital Assets is kept in an offsite location known to the Trustee and to execute to the best of interests.

Signed/Dated on timestamp
Singapore 2020

Investing in Data Disaster & Recovery Post COVID19

The most dreaded word.. DATA DISASTER & RECOVERY bring shivels into many IT professionals and managers alike. It's like WHAT IF WE LOOSE ALL OUR DATA senario. And recently, me being a real jack nerd... had it's own share of kaplui when my kid used my file server to host his ROBLOX games. Ouch.

Here are some IT situations than can resolve this. Onsite , Cloud, Hosted or Crowd.

Onsite means - use a hardware to back yr data up. Server or likewise. Offsite means it will be hosted at a Webhost / Co-location or otherwise and it's almost the same as an OnSite and Cloud... you know what its all about.

Crowd is a new kind of technology but with an older mind attached to it. Think of it as the old Napster / MIRC piracy days where one copy of the file is copied across so many peers and if you need just one file, so many peers can send you the file across the globe, bits and bobs of it.

With the era of BlockChain , ERC 2.0 and et al, I have been toying about with using Storj as the underlining backbone of the storage hosts aka Nodes. Each copy of your file is Fragmented and each fragment is hosted by at least 5 nodes and encrypted.

It looks to be an S-3 compatible BLOB technology comparative to the AWS or Azure and it's not blocked by the Chinese Firewall. And in terms of process and speed, that is up to the network satellite and cross connectivity as some are linked with E1 and some like me are linked up with GBE connections and a more preferred node.

Price wise at 1c/Gb for the store will work to about 1.5c per GB of data delivered meaning a typical LTO of 6TB will likely cost you about $100 without the need of the LTO Device, Tapes and Power.
Compare this against a $20k CAPEX cost for the drive alone and tapes.. ouch... it's a hands down winner.

Being having users all over the place, then we have the luxury of the data being segregated and not having a bottle neck across the data feed.

"But I die die want to have onsite" is a mentality which is GOOD that works well with the CROWD.
I have a customer which is a Hogger... 450TB of data... ONSITE...and if anything goes... I say God Save Em... and with a 1Gbps link (Read GPON-upload is 500Mbps)... means it will take em 79 days to upload the whole frigging data onto the network, which is a killer.

That being said, a good management of data is critical to this business case.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Opening up Johor for Business.


From malls to hotels, the Singaporean haunts that have gone quiet in Johor Bahru amid COVID-19 

compliments of CNA today, and this is what I feel I need to say.

This is why you should not talk big and blame your small brother for all your woes. SG-JB is a Symbiosis of coexistence and needed each other to support and grow, otherwise it will be the same like Rantau Panjang in Kelantan or Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah where all drive to Danok for stuff.

One way is to Bite the frigging bullet and barricade Johor off from rest of Malaysia and check EVERYONE in JOHOR. Costly, but that will be the small step towards cleaning up the illegal immigrants and other criminal and viral activities.

Then we slowly get things done and grow the economy. Poor Malaysian friends who need us and we too, poor us who are suffering cos of the high fuel and food costs.

Otherwise, Bintan could do the same and we all flock there.

You see, Singapore NEEDS the workforce to get things running, such as construction and services and we need an outlet to spend the money and get that itch out. We need to relax too. Being cooped up at home, SLS HLE WFH all are draining our mental might and we might be breaking into shatters when this is over.

Forget the airport, we can forgo that, we need our massages, hot spa and other stuff...and FOOD .. DELICIOUS FOOD. Don't forget one full shopping trolley in SG could cost about $300 compared to RM300 in Malaysia with like for like.

Yes, Malaysians will make noise that they cannot get into Johor without passport and checks but if every state is cleared, of pests, illegals and viruses, then we all can enjoy. 400,000 Malaysians can come to work and thats at least $500M or RM1.5 billion spent in Malaysian economy monthly.

What you feel?