Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Notice of filing for Trademark

 Legal Notice.

We at Azrin.Info, Property owner for Intellectual Mark ( ZYRAZ'S ) and it's variants (ZYRAZ) of Name and the Phonetic Sounding alike , hereby transfer the asset of Malaysia Mark No 07015090 of class 30 (manufacturing) CaseID 2007-07187 to Zyraz Technology and it's subsidiaries, including ZYRAZ Ltd (UK), ZAIRA FOODS Limited *(UK) under UK Property Mark number UK000039333093.

This serves as a legal notice of any parties using our Trade Name ZYRAZ and it's Variants within the laws of UK, Singapore, Malaysia and European Union.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Where have I been...

 I just realised my last post was actually 1 year ago and I was actually quite busy ..that I forgot about things. 

Things Done:
Setup new Entities in UK *(Zyraz Ltd, Zaira Foods Limited) and a few bit and bobs here and that to prepare myself for mini retirement. Looking into things, the UK Market is pretty much screwed when I was there...and blimey... it's really costing a fortune there.

However, it propose a very interesting proposition for me.. getting back into the property ladder. With places like in Newcastle cheaper than my car here in Singapore... heck anything is cheaper than the COE! 

Anyway, I will do some back posts....or when I am free...

For's business as Usual.