Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Testing my bits by spreading the word of Allah

Many knows I am a Singaporean and I am a muslim.
As much as possible, I am a supporter of charities.
So I am helping out Brother Amir with his Quran app on Google Play.

I am testing out to ease his load as a co-hoster. This is primary loaded on MyRepublic Network and hope they don't DDOS me out. That is why the load balancing is critical and I am primarily loaded thru IPv6. It's my first step into community crowd loaded hosting...so please bear with us. 50Mbps link is not that swift.. but hope it works faster on IPv6. Please enable IPv6 on your devices ya.. or use Hurricane Electric TunnelBroker to get that.

Test out the Surah Yasin by Sheik Basit : http://sg-01.azrin.info/Quran/Basit/s036.mp3

I will need some co-hosts to load this project as the server is too little.
If you wish to donate, please PAYPAL to azrin12970(AT)gmail.com

Any amount will do. SG and Malaysian Ringgit , please sms 81196830 / 017-4648814
This is to offset the power bill...and inshallah, upgrade the servers.

Thanks for reading,  Barakallah.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Now there is the Data Protection Act, the consumers are now shielded from our unscrupulous pinoy telemarketing agents of Citibank, Standard Chartered, DBS , Prudential, Great Eastern and many more.. asking you to help them sign up for bank cards, loans, insurance plans etc.

The weapon is now a $10,000 fine and we can now demand COMPENSATION for the breach. Outright blackmail I would say, but hey, who did not check the list right? Courts paid a token sum few mths back to apologise for the offense, and now the DNC is up.

How does it work for you as a consumer?

First off, you need to register your phone number.
Click on the Register Online

Then Enter your Phone Number, and tick ALL the options.

there will be an OTP given.
Enter it and that's it!

What about companies?
You need to register your company UEN and Singpass. There is a $30 registration and 500 credits. I am not sure how it works, but B2B are not covered in the filter. So I can still call you to sell MyRepublic Business Broadband Services or VOIP Servers for your business... if you get what I mean.

If you run a marketing list... this is where they make money. Each number search costs 2.3 cents!
I saw somewhere the bulk scheme works to $10,000 for a Million Number Searches and you *SHOULD* get 3 million number searches in use for Singapore. Level 3 numbers are excluded.

I remember a script I used for RAS during my dialup BBS days to check for phone numbers.... and I think I should use that script soon... Outsource Checks.

Maybe we can have a PLEASE CALL ME LIST right?

LinkedIn Spam

If you received some spam from linkedin via MyBizcard.co ...then I am truly sorry. Somethings have gone wrong and if you have clicked on them, you too have got your account smacked.

Please do this...

First off... go into your Linkedin account and mouse over to your face on the top right corner.
There a sub menu will come out and click on the review privacy..

What you see here is the aftermath of me being so pissed off finding the settings but the next image will be a little tad clearer.

This is the silly part where you logged in and verify your identity first and then you click on the 3rd tab, under the Groups settings and applications. You can also remove yourself from the group there too... for yr info.

On the View Applications, you see a whole load of bunch of applications there. I even see one that says... DO NOT AUTHORISE THIS APPLICATION. Somehow someone did screw up somewhere.... and I did not check them till today.

By clicking on the applications, you can then remove them all.

Keep those you recognise and use often, and I don't suggest you keep Microsoft or Google linked to your account.

God knows what evil can they do.

And if you still get spam from me... call me!~

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cloud as an industrial sector

Everyone now is talking about Cloud or SAAS or AAS or xx as a service.

But what is the cloud and what is so special about it? Or is it just a hype?

Cloud is an array of computing processes or power combined together as one machine,either physically or virtually and reassign the processing cores into sub machines or virtual processes. It can do databas processing, graphics, encryption, web farms or application farms, all to your liking.

You might know of the major players such as Microsoft Azure, Amazone AWS, Google Apps / services and other smaller players such as parallels, cloud front , cloud flare and other hosted solutions. But these are just SAAS or Software as a service, or even Storage as a service. There are many more complicated AAS such as Storage, software, Cloud, Computing, Data Center (DCaaS) and lately Network as a service, where your IP Address networks are parked into a global switch and data and network are rerouted as needed according to your array.

There is private, public and hybrid cloud where you can push these as a local network (leased , rented or owned) and segregate the network according to your requirements, either by vLan, VPN , public IP Addressing or even Private over Public. It's darn complicated right? nope.

I am now into SAAS, NAAS now where I provide storage of the customers critical data, such as their accounting systems, into a grid, where it's backed up, mirrored and separated from the outside world. The users will then just map the drive just as their local drives, because they are actually accessing the service remotely, and no data is stored locally. With BYOD or Bring your own device coming to age, it is a critical point for any company, that any data loss is unacceptable. Hardware failure is not an option now and with computers getting too cheap, its the data cost that outweighs the hardware replacement. Even VOIP IPPbx is hosted outside the site even before the great Singtel Fire Fiasco.

What type of hardware am I using?
16 Xeon Quads with up to 2TB of RAM, 64TB of tiered storage with a combi of SSD and SAS drives PER SERVER (8u) connected to a multi tier hardware storage server of 2.6PB of data capacity per module loaded across multiple data enters worldwide, with Tier1 peerings.

Network speeds? 4x10gbe network per server or usually Gigabit links over ipv6.
my network cost? $70,000 per server and about $3.6million for the storage giant.

My ROI? 8 mths

Monday, October 7, 2013

Itchy fingers

Someone either have nothing better to do or have soms darn hatred against me which I strongkt feel idid not pissed anyone off except my fellow compadres.

Damage done gonna cost me about $150 or so...


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Courts Singapore - Full of Data leaks and inaccurate data

What I hated most is when U fire up the wrong guy at the wrong time of the day.. especially when my phone is roaming.

After me warning the agent that he is barking at the wrong tree, and that his actions are now facing criminal action, he still persisted and even calling me from another number, burn phone I suppose, to ask if I work at this Naval Base.

Even I am there (which I am not.. I hate the Navy other than NCIS..).... why do I need to disclose my location as it in itself is a criminal offense under Sec 294 of the Enlistment Act, read with the Official Secrets Act.

So I hate to say this.. Courts Singapore, you need to DESIST THIS ACTIVITIES. It's plain CRIMINAL!

For legal and formality sake, I will cross post what I said to CourtsSG  facebook account.
Will anyone who suffer the same fate get this giants a thistle to limp them with?


Any Criminal Lawyers wishing to get them be named and shamed?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Of ethics, Business Values and lying to oneself

The meaning PAID POSTS is a term where the blogger or writer is being remunerated in some sort or form for the endorsement of product or services and I did that prior to me looking my Geeks Corner domain and me being branded Worst Blogger of All Time 2006, 2007 and 2008 outside the United States at par with Perez Hilton for being too honest and well, to many I am quite outspoken and that I am biting the hand that feeds me.

True enough, if the service is great, I would certainly endorse it, and I like the Mystery Shopper method where they are caught off guard and that they give the service without any readiness of inspection.

I am a partner of MyRepublic. I use their services which are good and reliable. Only that there have been many screw ups on the technical side as they get bigger, which is getting the customers to pay for their services aka Billing, and I find it quite a cumbersome thing to do if when they tried to debit my account, the service failed for some DBS bullcrap issue. I for one like NOT to delay payment as that mean I have to be hustled more. I like PAYPAL and I trust Moneybookers or SKRILL as they are called now as its a credit standing.

But then, having to do Internet banking,writing a cheque etc is a nuisance and time wastage.So does calling Hello Billing takes a long time to respond. Which company does NOT like to collect their customers money. Well, I found one.

Which only comes to show, they need to do some work on the back end to get it sorted. And not charging us for late payment fees.

Anyway, as long my internet does not screw up, I am still ok with it. U need premium support? I charge $75 an hour btw.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Effects of 20 cents

Twenty SEN is all it takes to cause an uproar in Malaysia or about 9c in Singapore. It's the fuel hike in Malaysia that is going to bring a knock on effect to many Malaysians Nationwide.

Funny part it, at the pumps, the govt placed the NON-SUBSIDIZED RON 95 price to be RM2.79 with duties etc whereas the selling price of RON97 which is NORMAL RETAIL Price is RM2.70 . Is that the Govt saying RON 95 is MORE EXPENSIVE than the better RON97?

Now for the knock on effect.

20sen is about 12% increase on the Petrol Pricing, meaning an average LOW EARNER drawing 3 liters of fuel per day on his motorcycle will see an increase of RM15 per month based on a 25 work day month. To his low wages of RM900, it is about 1.5% increase. However, the huge effect is felt when the cost of transportation is put into play.

Diesel also see a hike of 20 sen which puts at RM2.00 a liter with subsidy. In turn, this will incur approximately more than 30% increase in terms of fuel, oils, maintance et al and that will push prices up further. 

Compare to the neighbours, Brunei charges 53cents (RM1.20) per liter for fuel and that cause the Borneo residents to come over and fill up. Singapore official fuel price is at S$1.18 before discounts at the pump, usually dropping to S$0.81 (RM2.27) per liter at regular petrol stations such as Caltex or Shell inclusive of 7% GST and relevant duties. Black market fuel HSD or even BioDiesel is far cheaper from fleet refuelling points.

So why is Malaysia charging more for fuel when they export them and in the case of diesel, control the usage and implement rationing via the distribution points?

Mainly, the Ringgit is dropping against the USD or SGD. In SGD to MYR contrast, it was RM2.30 to the Singapore dollar whereas now, it's way over RM 2.54 at the money changers.

Weaker Ringgit means they have to pay more to service their debts which are in SGD or USD and that is bad for the economy but good for those working across the causeway. I just pity those living in rural areas as they have limited resources and income in Ringgit working far lesser than the RM900 minimum wage and with this, will cause a hefty strain on them.

Prudence yes, but this is not the way. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Honesty to the employees

A self reflection of things.
This is not a Sunday Sermon but something everyone could follow and not be a wicked Jew or Shrewed Chinaman or Indian (for some)... who is always trying to cheat even their workers out of their daily bread.

A reminder to all employers and bosses who are following the Islamic Business Practices ....
that one is reminded "To pay one worker before the sweat dries up from the forehead after the work is done" which means prompt payment of dues, and that one must not cheat the worker of one own contract by substitution of a lower rate when the stipulated requirements were met.

All these are major instances of RIBA or Cheating.

A reminder to myself as I am my own employer,that I will try to pay way even the week or month is up, thus why I prefer advance weekly payments.



Thursday, August 22, 2013

Speedtest is not the real test

Yes.. Speedtest.Net is not really good now since I found out that many providers purposely CLAMP DOWN on the SPEED TEST SERVER CONNECTIONS.

Singtel played punk and restrict OUTSIDE NETWORK CONNECTIONS to 2 pipes per session.

I am now adding the IPv6 Compliant Speed Test  and for IPv4 ..try the BBQ Speedtest @

This is more real than Singtel or SPEEDTEST.NET

Mainly because they are not allowing Gigabit connections and multiple simultaneous connections to the port at the end server side.

Test yourself.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is it faster?

Someone said on the forums that IPv6 transition is faster to load than of IPv4 and we are putting it to test today.

BTW, to be fair, we are using MyRepublic Gamer 150Mbps link (topped off at 162mbps local) and Hurricane Electric SEA-1 Tunnel to Portland, Oregon

First test goes to Netherlands

And this is over native IPv6 and surprisingly I found out that our link is faster over ipv4 to India than iPv6.

This is to India and to Lyon France... the test shows it's faster

This is hosted by LaFibre.Info and This is on AS43142, so if you understand routing on BGP, it has to go thru the route itself, since I am HE Tunnel AS6939 via IPv6, it is the preferred way as IPv4 has to hop so many other places.

So , depending on network peers, sometimes it works fine with IPv6 and mostly on IPv4.

Hit and Miss

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have completed the IPv6 Migration.....

OK, IPv6 is not that easy especially when U have to work with terrible CPE such as HuaWei and ZTE and even some Cisco Dual Port routers are not able to load up with IPv6.

So here we go.
Each individual PC is given their own super stack, dual stack IPv6. The last octets are changed.
The router is able to broadcast /48 IPv6 address from the end side, using the ASUS N56 and AC and N66 works fine too. IPv6 is not workable over RT-N15 router. I've yet to test the netgear router Singtel uses and also of the PACE Routers they use. AZTECH 7000 from Singtel (password H3ll0t3ch ) 

Yet, there are so many devices that don't work over ipv6 including APPLE iOS Devices aka iPad, iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iSmack etc..... and it's a waiting game.

My IPv6 Address is in Portland Oregon, USA... Thanks to HE.NET
For some, in Malaysia, IPv6 is a far distance away since the ISPs have hogged down almost over a few million IP Addresses for their R&D etc and the government is no where steering into IPv6, and that their own domain registry is not IPv6 Compliant.

It's a funny thing as I am still in Singapore and I am announcing from MyRepublic Singapore. Spooky eh???

Well, Smart Routers know it, but many providers are nuts and still get conned.

Well, we go forward after this

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Access to IPV6

Now, I have been a little playful and using IPV6 and guess what?
If you can come to this website : http://[2402:8d03:ffef:ff7f:a0:60bb:6400:0] then it is already working for you.

I did some testing and running with IPv6 using my ASUS N56 router and MyRepublic Fiber Broadband Service and to test if we are able to work within the IPv6 community and be certified.

How it works? Using Firmware version ending .360 on N56 (upgrade if needed to), we can directly go into the IPv6 section with ease.

You need the IP setting from your tunnel broker. I use Hurricane Electric.

In the HE Settings, you need to get your IP Settings inside and then you run the config.

Mine would look like this after the finalisation

 netsh interface ipv6 add v6v4tunnel IP6Tunnel 103.247.MY.IP
Replace the MyIP is where you add your IP Address
netsh interface teredo set state disabled
netsh interface ipv6 add address IP6Tunnel 2001:470:a:4e7::20
This is your PREFIX (64), I just add another 0 at the back to add more IP
netsh interface ipv6 add route ::/0 IP6Tunnel 2001:470:a:4e7::1
This is the Gateway Router

It works.
The IP website I tested above is the SINGAPORE GOVT WEBSITE and it's IPv6 Compliant.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vistaprint Singapore... a service review.

Initially I was looking thru many stuff that I had to do and one of the things I needed was a self inking stamp and Vistaprint Ad pops up, offering FREE Self Inking Stamp.

So I did click and guess what? I had to pay $29.99 for the item. Initially I thought it was a geographical error and well, I leave it to be. But after a few days later, I looked it up again, and guess what, it's the same... All I want is a simple self inking small stamp bearing my name and phone number in standard black where I could do it for less than $10 locally here in a shop but $18 is still reasonable.

The thing is, that is all about principles. Business Principles.
You Promote, You Honor The Promise.

So I emailed the customer service and after 2 days, it got replied and basically, the tone of voice is not to what I expect it to be... asking me to find back the mailer and click on it.

The cheeky part is , that the offer was only for a certain silly models which in my opinion, of no different in the cost of the plates and of others. I know how it is done anyway, using silk screening.

Postage is super expensive and well, in total, my point is that for what I pay for 2 products, I would get 10 in my local shop and IMMEDIATELY.

Why the hassle? The CSO did not even offer a sense of remorse and even a coupon.

So my advise is, avoid them.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting the iTunes account in the US....or Where Ever It Is....

Many people have tried and failed and this is a real pain in the backside.

So here goes the silly trick to GET YOUR NETFLIX APP for your ITUNES / IPAD / IPHONE etc
Here we are talking about NETFLIX APP FOR IPAD / iPhone

You must understand that you need to have a US BASED ADDRESS..somewhere.. but if you have a prepaid AMEX CARD, you can get one from ComGateWay.... I will talk about that in a few posts later on...

Any post box will do... but the phone number trick needs to be legit.
The hassle is always the phone number that has to match the zip code etc and I have my own physical one here ... which I got from skype and TollFreeNumbers.Com....

This site is OPERATED BY AMERICAN EXPRESS and for Singapore Citizens, it's plain easy for you to get one AMEX without having a good credit.. using the EZLink Debit AMEX CARD.I mentioned it before


Select Country to US .

Here is where it gets trickier.

Open Netflix App

Create a New Account
Use as NONE AS PAYMENT MODE... remember that...

When you reach the security questions... STOP!!!

I usually use http://www.getusvpn.com/

Without a US VPN, you will have an error message later on.

Select the Payment mode (to none..remember)...and carry on...

If you do not have the VPN on... you will get kicked out...

Activate the email address and welcome to the new age.

This is meant for those using MyRepublic Fiber Service... it works...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lost Lasting Memories of Woolwich London

I believe many who studied at University of East London would remember the North London Rail Link between Woolwich which passed thru North Woolwich Terminal towards West Ham (one of my local favorite football teams) and my weekly fix of Kebabish roasted tandoori chicken and many more.

There is a Thomas the Tank Engine there... and I did not cherish them then, as I would have thought that the line will be there when I come back 7 years on.

It is now gone and I did not know that. It's really sad for me as I remember I made loads of friends from there.. on the train and me riding my bike on it.. and riding towards central london on the pier to Docklands (when it was still a shite hole) to Tower Bridge and onward forth to Bayswater where I meet my friends at Malaysian Hall.

Seriously and if I am dead tired, I would just hop on the train toward Islington (its pronounced as AR-Ling-Turn not Is-Ling-Tong) and I would be back home when I hop off at Custom House or Canning Town and without a full ticket btw.. just a 10p paid on the Permit to Travel paper, hoping for no inspectors.....

Thanks to Abandoned Stations UK website for bringing me back the nice memories I had when I was in London or the most of the 15 years of my life I spent down there....

The North Woolwich line is no more....

I miss the good old times.. and with my dear darling girls...
Now I want to go there again.. with the additions to the family...

When?? Allah will tell.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Super Dangerous Haze Level in Muar, North Johor

Singaporeans heading north towards Melaka and Kuala Lumpur may have to put off their plans for the weekend. Or those heading back to Singapore

The Air Pollutant Index in Muar as of press now is at 746 and that is far more toxic than putting your nose beside a Bas Kilang at the CIQ. 

Press Report from the Star : http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2013/6/23/nation/20130623100254&sec=nation

Clearing the skies

Since the winds of change pushed the winds of Haze to somewhere else for the next few hours..
Many of us opted to run out and do our errands.

Me? I'm based in Singapore and well, I joined in...

Having fun in the clean air of the Changi Airport Terminals.

Little did I know there is much shopping in the basement in Terminal 3 and there is a Mezzine Bridge across T3 to T2 above the MRT Platform.

Reminds me of London Heathrow or was it Huttons...

Thank You Allah for the #SGHaze

Well, look into the bright side of things. We had our own hot spot for the past few weeks or so.. which is the Dengue Fever Hot Zone. The Super Haze is a good measure for us, smoking us out from the great outdoors and controlling the foreign population of aliens.

I am not talking about the weekend Pinoy and Asians hanging about all over Orchard Road and whole stretch of Serangoon Road (Tekka Market to Boon Keng) and our Indon Maids with their Bangla Partners at Geylang Lorongs and City Plaza ok?

I'm talking about the flying aliens. The Dengue Mosquito.

I expect, 2 weeks of PSI over 300 will do Singapore quite good. No need to buy ShellTox , BayGone and RidSect which is environmentally unfriendly, stinky and worse than those guys at the temple burning incense papers.

If it suffocates us, then 2 weeks will surely irradiate the WHOLE POPULATION of FLIES, LIES and Mozzies. No Mozzies to breed eggs. And if there is any, it is imported from our friends up north or south or off the ships. Dead Mozzies.

We were praying for a solution to that issue. Well, Allah gave that solution. No Rain, High Temperatures, All Haze. All flying insects gone underground. Not even a wasp.

So look at the bright side of life.

There is a silver lining to everything bad happen and God never gave us bad stuff.... only the good stuff. We just need to look positively on that.

On that note.. Enjoy the view from Sengkang East where you can even see Ikea and Pasir Ris (and Pasir Gudang Malaysia) from here at #16

I'm off to the Airport to make the kids go flat out.

Happy Weekend everyone.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sengkang Air Quality

It's 10am on the Saturday Morning and it's no good either.
Everyone is donning the N95 mask but I feel for motorcyclist, that is useless, as the fast air flow gets the particulate into the lungs.

Gas Chemical Masks used for the SAF is quite a better alternative as it covers the eyes too. It's the real deal and I find it comical that we can wear them instead. Think of the robbers who will go rob the 4D Shop. No Identity, Slow response by the Cops etc.

Anyway.. Visitbility from Punggol East - Rivervale Cresent is 227M based on GPS and Laser Meter Sights.
PSI Level is at 323.

Please stay out of Singapore and go to Australia instead.

I spoke to Sydney Tourism Authority and told of this plan.. it is costly but the economy will be boosted with Singapore $$$$

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sengkang / Punggol East Visibility Index

Well, our office is just offside Punggol East and the visibility is less than 500M.

We are not joking and from Google Earth, the distance is mapped to be 572meters from our location to the Nursing Home.. poor old folks staying there.

See how bad it is...

And yet the government say it's just 253. Come on lah. We are not that Stupid NEA. 

Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds have stopped their food delivery.. so no one will get the food out...
If you really need to.. please stock up on your groceries and cash and Gas Fuel. U never know if it's too bad that it is hazardous to be even out of the home.

Stay safe.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dangerous Levels of Haze and Visibility

It is here.. the annual hazing of Singapore thanks to our southern friends of Sumatra who prefer to smoke us out from our holes and get our medical bills out.

The Haze PSI reading of Singapore last night hit over 321 and as of writing, the weather is now 355 which is on the DANGEROUS LEVEL with visibility less than 150 Meters.

That is not to include the evening rush hour traffic at Woodlands CIQ Onramp at the motor bikes section where it will surely top another 150 points due to our Malaysian riders using 2T in their fuel, aka burning engine oil with the petrol.


I really look for the notices in news articles where we are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK in those conditions, as per Work Safety Regulations...

Now.. this is another surprise by our Manpower Ministry...

Employers Urged to Minimize Strenuous Work Outdoors as PSI Reaches Unhealthy Levels

17 June 2013
  1. Under the Workplace Safety & Health Act (WSH Act), employers have a duty to protect their employees’ safety and health at work. When PSI levels exceed 100, employees will be exposed to higher levels of safety and health risk due to poor visibility and/or ill effects of haze.

    Advice for employers
  2. Employers must carry out a proper risk assessment and implement appropriate measures, including specifying when to stop work, so as to ensure that risks identified are minimised or mitigated. Employers can also refer to the PDFGuidelines for the Protection of Employees against the Effects of Haze at Workplaces, or refer to Annex A. The Guidelines aim to help ensure both employers and employees are better prepared to minimize or mitigate the effects of haze. The PSI levels stated in these guidelines refer to the 24-hour average level issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

    Advice for employees
  3. Employees with existing heart or respiratory illnesses are more susceptible to the effects of haze. When PSI levels exceed 100, these susceptible employees must use respiratory protective devices (or respirators) if working outdoors. If they experience breathing difficulty from wearing respirators while working outdoors, employers should deploy them to work indoors. Outdoor work involving strenuous physical activity should be minimized.
  4. “Employers should refer to the guidelines and ensure they protect the safety and health of employees who work outdoors, against the unhealthy effects of the haze. Employers should also ensure they communicate clearly with the employees on how their organizations are putting in place measures to help workers cope with the impact of the haze,” said MOM’s Commissioner for Workplace Safety & Health Er. Ho Siong Hin.
  5. In situations where haze poses imminent danger to the safety and health of workers and measures have not been taken to mitigate those risks, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) may order the affected work to stop. If any person (individual or corporate bodies) fails to comply with a stop work order, under the WSH Act he shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $500,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both.

So what it means.. we have to STOP WORK!
 We have to wear RESPIRATORS for those working OUTSIDE just like the firemen gas masks.
I highlighted the article in RED so that you can understand your RIGHT OF WORK.

Work Smart.
Take MC.

Me.. I already confined everyone to home work.. thanks to cloud computing and grid work... and for that you can be chilling at McDonalds or KFC in the Airport for all I care as the phones will be diverted and multicasted in...

Time to run away to Australia brothers...

For record purposes... ERP is still in use.. no exemptions..

and ...this is the NEA REPORT

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unfriending a Fiend

Many of you who know me in person, I am a happy go super lucky person who is happy with what the Almighty gave to me and well, some times or a lot of times I am quite commenty when I have nothing better to do and when that happen, all sorts of comments which should be filtered by a triple Gaussian speck noise filter as it is sometimes or a times, nasty, sexual or what lot.

I am labeled WORST BLOGGER OF ALL TIME outside the United States for 3 years on my old Azrin.Net Geeks Lair because I bear no holds... and I speak what I think is the truth.  If your service sucks, I will say it aloud so you can repent and do better next time...

But in the social media cyber life.. there are idiots who can't take the joke... friends of friends....
So to protect you from me... I posted this...

Because many of you asked the trivial question, who am I to make such and such a comment on some-of-their-friends remarks post ...which we , the friend and me have no issues ..... well.. Once I will take it.. after that I will remove the friend so U cannot see me at all..

So if you don't get to see my tags after this... please note I have unfriend and unfollow you because YOU think I am a fiend.. so I am now becoming one to you.
UNFRIEND. UNFOLLOW but I do not block. 
If your friend do re-add me... it's his or HER choice.
That is my point of view.
So if you have yourself removed... you can understand.

Sorry this have to be this way.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Khutbah Nikah

Congratulations to my friends who just got married... but those who have not or have not heard of it... did you know that the Khutbah Nikah or the Sermon of Solemnisation is one of the mandatory things the GROOM AND BRIDE MUST LISTEN TO?

The reasoning is that , one must understand fully of the responsibilities of being a human being and of what we need to do to our spouses and as I find it a norm among Qadi or Ministers in US or Europe to utter the oath of blessings, in Singapore or Malaysia.. I seldom heard it clearly enough, only to emphasise of the Taqliq or Defaulters' Oath.

The Sermon would be of as such,

Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim. In the Name of Allah, The Merciful and the Most Compassionate.

Blessing and salutations to the Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) , remember of Taqwa to Allah and His Commands oh dearly beloved, Brothers and Sisters in Islam.and adhere to the limitations He has
set for us. This underscores the importance of taqwa in
the life of a Muslim.

Today, we have gathered here to witness the solemnisation of our friends, in which is a following to one of the Prophets specific sunnahs which translates to " Use the Siwak, Wear Attar and Perform of Nikah" which in depth, means, BRUSH YOUR TEETH for your oral hygiene is utmust importance in life, as when we smell, we cause grief to others and it will cause harm to us, with bad oral care. Wear Fragrances especially when performing Solah or at other times is so that we are always in the good graces of the Angels who is always protecting us and that if we stink, then, it causes bad heath. People also will shy us away.

These two aspects are key in every marriage as our partners will be in grief if we stink or with bad odour and invite more bacteria, germs and even Syaitan himself, causing friction and causing the whole institution to brea down, causing harm and grief to everyone, families and children..and of the future of our Generations.

Perform the Nikah is the final stage of one being complete for once we have nikah, we go forth and multiply. The burden we carry is far heavier as it's not just an aspect of financial, but moral and emotional part. A life long emotional support till the end of our life, for we can never be an ex-father, but father and mother to the child till they die. To love them as much as you can, and protect them always, till death do you part.

It is not just of one person, but both parties must work together hand in hand, financially, physically, emotionally to make it work, thus for every deed done by a married person, the deed is 7 times as much as a bachelor and that giving food to the family is a better deed than to donate money to the needy, and that a Wife is easier to be admitted to Jannah or the Highest Heavens, just by making her husband happy with her and that copulation or sex is a better deed than of many daily prayers as it is there to create more children and bring more numbers of the Muslim population to the world.

The three simple phrases , which transliterate YOU SIAWAK, WEAR ATTAR and GO NIKAH is not just as simple as it is, but the interlinking aspects of the whole institution to the newlyweds and also those who are already here, parents and alike of our own responsibilities in life, for we all here work for the After Life.

God Willing, Insha Allah, that everyone will be blessed always and be in the Grace of His Mightly Lord for the deed we are about to be witnessing.


That is a reminder to myself and others... for the requirements of a Marriage and in Life.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sex Sells.... Singaporean Girl Caught

Sex is a heavy keyword that makes the most number of visits to my blog. Singaporean Couple Caught Having Sex was somehow STOMPED or something like that attracted the most number of entries.

Same as if I placed an entry contained Malaysian Opposition Woman Politician Having Sex would also attract alot of visits. Simply put the title of VIDEO OF NURUL IZZAH HAVING SEX would make me flagged for pornography or even banned as an XXX site and many labeled me as a Malaysian Government Macai or Shit headder ... but I'm not.

The topic is ...Sex Sells...and some idiots would just click on your site for Sex Keywords.

So why did some websites fail? As Irfan Khairy would put it.. the wrong set of keywords. What is the core keywords you need to bid for the product? Or the relevancy. Would you key the entry as Sabah Seaweed or entry as key entry for Possible Cure For Acne and Facial Disfigurement?  Medically might not be really correct but if they modify the key anchor for Make You Look Younger be a better placement?

So my dear wife... Mocking with words sells. Branding and Key Wording...
Go back and read the freaking manual... ooh I forgot.. you hate READING.

Thanks for NOT READING this page full of Sex and Trash.

PS: This is a remrant and a blog..so my wish what I want to put..even naked pic of me here...and good looking bimbos at the background.

Did I really say that?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Back to Basics

Well, time of the year for me to do my full set of audits and movements and I really need to do the cleaning up and which means moving Hosting Providers, Host Nets, Software services to a more optimised scheme.

So sorry for the delays..and if there are downtimes.... mind the mess

Remembering Somethings

Let's Face It... sometimes when we are caught in many work... we have to forego many things and we are grossly reminded by it.

I lost my domain, AZRIN.NET , Geeks Lair.....many years back with the remembrance of my family, friends etc...and I've to remind myself here...that things do change for a better....

Today I receive the birth of a nephew to the world, Congrats Nurasyikin & Fazly on the arrival of your baby boy.... but a life in, a life out...

So in recap... I will reprint from what I have said before....

Monday, March 18, 2013

What changes....

So what has changed... nothing much other than the technical layout in terms of DNS , Hostnames, AAAA IPv6 records and doing some work there , here , every where and I'm based out of Singapore.....

Did I say it right... yes I am now Officially BASED out of Singapore...and job hopping again.

MyRepublic has been great to me tiding out the ripples in life after I got conned by Singtel... don't we all?? Cut it short.. I will not stand to let customers curse at me with the hidden charges...and I let em off free...at the cost to my own pocket... At least karma is kind to me..and fed me what I really needed......or when I really needed it to be...

So bottom line: MyRepublic.. many promotions.. if U want no setup fees.. $59 a mth, 5 months free..basic router... no frills 100mbps.... and eligible for MEMBER get MEMBER promo.. you get one month free... your friend also get additional month free....

Best package in town...

anything..call me 81196830....

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai

So I have been busy working about with a few projects of my own, namely some research into Hacking of WiFi , Installation of Open Net services to clients, setting up of my own Cooperative Society and helping members of the Zaira Coop with their GMBO Marketing grant.

Anyway, since everyone is gone for the Holidays.. I wish to extend my heartfelt and warmest regards to all and wishing you all a prosperous , healthy and wealthy Lunar New Year... Gong Xi Fa Cai... but don't go Chiak Chua too much eh....

Oh ya..do look out for the special deals on MyRepublic Knowledge Base.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Singapore Election Fever

Just to let you know..Singapore is having another by-election with the resignation of the former speaker of parliament, Micheal Palmer who was caught for extra marital affairs.

Politics aside.. I do mind that they have the Political Rallies near my place because they make a ton of mess noise nuisance (if it not enough that I have to tolerate the TPE revving of bikes etc) and that the police cordons etc and making me pissed with the traffic.

Those going to the rally ..please TAKE THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT.. including the candidates and their heavy weights...

Opinion: Workers Party are there for show.. nothing new except that the Hammer is the face for the late JB Jeyaratnam, who the son Kenneth is contesting too under the Reform Party as he can't take the heat. The WP Candidate look too young like Tem-Peh-Leng ...and I don't trust em... and the SDA.. are there to spoil the show...

I expect PAP to win because the opposition are spoiling the whole market.... and I get on with my life...as normal....