Friday, March 27, 2009

Early birthday present...

I got a little early present from my colleague at Aductions (what is now ZYRAZ) and well, I was talking about how crappy Blackberry is ..and yeah the older versions tend to crash, hang and what ever they call it. I know you guys will hate me because of the processor and well, the Razor (storm) is a better version as it feels like the iPhone.

One thing I must say..the built in GPS is GOOD. Despite useless software made for it..I found that combined with a 3G support and Google's quite good. Very precise and as I had to pay over RM290 mth for this crap over 2 years, I do admit it is a wiser choice, since it's INSURED and WARRANTED against THEFT, Robbery...or idiotic reverse engineering by me..... The package was simple... $148 plan on the Blackberry service + $30 for the BIS system (unlimited internet 24/7!!) and $100 for the phone. Break the contract is a $1920 penalty.

Blackberry Bold 9000 This is the real thing and well, GPS is also good since U can set it to your Google Account and check on your loved ones using Google Latitude.

I'm gonna fiddle it more!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

MAFIA WARS: Property Tax, Protection and Robbery

First off,if you are looking for my invite list... click on directly and you are free to place this links (and yours) in the comments so others can add you.

Update 2.8 which is Friday 13 March 2008 total reload makes full utility of the Racketeering feature to Rob the Mafia and knee capping them where it hurts, their money. A total rebuild will cost at least $1 Billion and this is totally serious. Property protection gives so little against goons like me.

Let me explain that is going on. Property Protection slows down the deterioration of your property by about 1% per 6hours. That is what it does. Call it Maintenance required on it. So if you never renovate or take care of your property, it will deteriorate rapidly till you don't have money to earn. Well, trickles of it.

Property protection gives just 5 strikes of lower damage to your property. If I whack your property of 100 casinos with your 100 street thug goons, it just lower the hit from 7.5% to 4.5% depending on my stats at that time. I will in turn return a higher damage points like 30-50 compared to 10-30hit points.

Even at high levels, doesn't mean I can whack U easy. A 501 can convert to 86 as that is the number of mafias under his level. So meaning you need loads of newbies to fight. Think of it as a Jackie Chan Chinese Triad fight. They whack in numbers without care of anything but only at that level. They can't bring their bosses or their Elders to the fight as it's about honor.

In comparison to Fights, you stand a high chance of drop loot and extra experience compared to 3 max in robbing.Things you will definitely find are Stun Guns, Paintings, Concealed Camera, Illegal Transaction Records, Computer Setup, Untraceable Cellphone and loads of weapons, Luxury Yacht, Humvees and my favorite weapons like Napalms, 50mm guns and so on.

Some of the American Big Boys and clans are complaining of the ROB feature and are even striking. So what? I said as I got bullied by LCN, Elite, SBG and many more that I can take out on them using the rob feature. That hurts their pockets and working out the maths, One full robbery take out is worth 28hours of income. You are talking in the upper hundred millions to Billion Dollars if all is whacked. I am just 75 stamina.. a weakling as they say means I can reload and power up every 3.5 hours. 75hits on your property means one thing at least one casino is gone by time I'm done with which by quick clicking and auto reload-heal trick (heal every 65secs, inline frame, meta-refresh 65 or just open another tab and means 2 properties will be dead by time I'm done. Think of 3 or 4 victims taking out on you?! How it hurts..then with no get hit listed..and hit again and again despite you being dead. No money to heal and no money to repair.

That is the justice to the bullies...ganged up by a group of school kids.

And please...add me !

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I got banned

Yeah... due to a dispute and numerous complaints by the ISP and to the ISP, I lost my Chinese Domain, which is nothing and I'm stream lining my operations.

Loads of costs involved and the economical sense kicks I'll reroute all my resources for now..and pool into one place.

So...if you need the Game's still here!!! I'm here still and For those in Malaysia, my sites are DISALLOWED on Government networks due to me...being a very goodie do finger....U noe what I mean.

CIAO!It's Mafia Wars time....