Thursday, April 28, 2011

Many Thanks

I take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE (40 of em) who left me notes and well wishes on my Facebook Wall on my birthday! Also to Nadia, Tia Baby and my sis for the call… and one thing for sure, it shows how much people do care about you.


I did asked many to come and visit the blog and leave comments since there was none ever since I moved off my own servers to Blogspot. I had my own set of issues which I have to tackle and I admit, we all make mistakes which we are not proud of. But family should come first, and I do care much for the affairs of my own brother, despite his short coming and other matters, that he is not cheated of his life and waste his youth as I did. I was not proud of it, and still regretting it till date, over 20 years on.


Oh, if you supported my vendors and advertisers, thanks again..and do let me know if anything cocks up….. And for that I take my hat off to you.







Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yes's my birthday!

Thank everyone for your birthday wishes and all...and All I ask to support my Nuffnang advertisers and leave a comment... so I can follow your blog etc back.. I need to check on my network stats..seems many things are not working well....

Please...and btw, anyone here can lend me $3000 by tomorrow??
Thanks again!

And oh yes.. PLEASE follow and Like my blog (FB)...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You get nonsense when you pay good money.

I put out over a handful of work positions on oDesk this week to anticipate the heavy workload that I will be swamped over the next few weeks, and What Did I GET?

I got called a Racist, Faggot and many other names, but on the whole, the saying “If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys” does not befitting those I have to tolerate.


All I asked is simple, a real profile for me to check out and your real credentials. LinkedIn is where you can showcase your work, profile, colleagues and customer base to the world, as to what and how professional you are in the real world. If you can’t showcase your work, then I can always say you are pulling a fast one on me.


So right now.. is there any decency in Agencies? If you are reputable, you have at least access to your email and love to post your profile.


I don’t know… Comments please?


Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Holidays for me?

It’s payday week…and I’m already dead broke. Seriously, I really need to relook into the overall finances and rework on my financial plan, otherwise I will be filing for a Chapter 13 again.  Yeah, I filed Chapter 13, Chapter 11 and once Chapter 7 on many grounds, as a corporate entity (Liquidation) in the US, Restructuring of Corporate Finances and Personal Bankruptcy in the UK. At times, mostly it was NOT MY BLOODY FAULT! But in business, things do happen, and if shit happens, you have to flush it down and start anew.


May day is a day for Holidays. Also a Bank Holiday in the UK, and some knew it as Labour day, this is a day for us WORKERS to be happy and take the day off. Not for us , Enterpreneurs and Bosses alike. It is a nightmare as we try consolidate things and plan ahead. Like April 5th in the UK, HELL BREAKS LOOSE DAY as the accountants and auditors are chasing us for accounts and balance sheets. Taxman love this time of the year as we have to submit everything to them by MAY DAY! ….and I am calling MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!


Why? The sales figures have been …shy far off the targets. Grants were not delivered and thus funding were brought to a standstill. That is more than USD4.7 Million in funds frozen solid which mean a hefty sum of commissions for me. Sales figures are far off the charts, in the RED due to the lack of funds as my ROI for research and marketing is at least 20 times the investment. And since I get about 5-10% of the sales figure or 30% of gross profits, that is a huge OUCH FOR ME.



Failure to secure entry into the Saudi Market due to deception by the Saudi partner.

Research Grants frozen.

Sales figure dependant on Research and Marketing Grants

Manpower lacking

Promotion Grants lacking

Credit limit breached

Trade Credit retracted

Increase in Fuel costs resulting in severe overhead costs


What it means to me now is that what I am supposed to clear, is not cleared so gathering more interest and fees and I’m basically on the brink of bankruptcy.


I still got Citibank, Standard Chartered and Diners club to check off, on top of CIMB.

So if you are clever, invest in Gold and Support my advertisers..if there are any.


Happy Holidays you all!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You deserve it

Someone here complained to me that Chan Li Lian aka 5xMom kept on bad mouthing her etc, and my POV stands, which is that if you can't be nice to others, then don't expect others to be such to you.

You see, if you bring it on your own self, and be so selfish... then you are to blame for the demise. Be it Timothy Tiah given ice cream and give freebies and you don't, why must you be so bad hearted that you must bad mouth the rest.

If you keep on taking and taking and taking without being a little bit back at others, then you seriously deserve to be isolated from everyone. Just as when people are talking , you shut them out and don't want to hear.

So don't blame me..and now I make it a point that I too have to shut this person off!

Good riddence to bad company? Maybe.. you decide...
I got to decide who gets my vote!

Singapore Elections



Let’s put it in this way…  Singapore Elections are done on a SATURDAY AGAIN! And what about us who are not in Singapore..make us travel back again for just a CROSS?? Please.. send me the air tickets or pay my transport..then I am eager to vote… This is a waste of resources since we can now do SMS voting.. or online.. why not make us happy by making our life easier.


Vote for PAP? Maybe.. because Workers Party don’t serve my needs. All I want is INDEPENDENTS!


Who wants to vote for me .. please cough up the deposit…


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Accessing US Websites

SEO geeks and others are always trying to find out the best ways to access the network and being able to see what kind of traffic and adverts on your site, specific to each page is a real dream. Like this site, it actually has an ePM of GBP189.27 of value due to it’s keywords such as Chapter 7 , Bankruptcy, banking and Finance and I really appreciate when I can see who are advertising on my site.


Using a VPN helps. Same as downloading and watching videos that are restricted to just the mainland US and for that I thank USA IP for the help. For us website owners and bloggers, this is an essential tool so if you target Chinese mainland traffic, you can now know what video ads are being shown on screen. They are really cool and even my friends websites are now showing REAL POTENTIAL!


So, if you think it’s time to sit about..don’t… capitalize on the traffic. Do surveys etc using VPN Networks.


And for $75 a’s well worth it.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fake profiles and Quack pot Doctors

I was going through the list of candidates on oDesk and I am quite surprised that many claimed to be Doctor of Medicine by just with 3 years in university in Pakistan or Philippines. Don’t they have any integrity within themselves to know that MBBS or MD takes at least 7 years of training, despite 3.5 years of theories. There is somewhat a very wrong sense of belonging when the provider don’t check who the candidates are and some are still in the undergraduate stages and would be the equivalent of the second year, and already claim they are a Doctor just because they can deliver babies.


What is wrong with the market here anyway? Where is the checking? Now I have the deep resentment against these people tarnishing the professionalism of the life saving industry. Someone can get killed just because of these idiots. Homeopathy Doctors are NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS. They are just the same as a Chinese Traditional Medicine Practioner. Even I don’t call myself a Medical Doctor as I am just a Military Medicine Medical Practitioner, despite having done my PLAB and houseman in the UK and served 2 years in the front line.


Where is the sense of pride here? Please …someone answer me?!

Friday, April 1, 2011

How can you work with such....

I have been in the media and online technology field for almost more than 10 years and the recession do take it’s toll on things. I have attended many trade fairs in the region and I have seen the drop in participation and provisions to the industry, namely the pampering to the media industry.


Key trade players are not putting their advertising dollars and sense forward and the exhibition organizers are cutting corners. This week alone, I attended a few and there were a real letdown to my own standards and I am not speaking representing the media agencies or crew but it really feel that we are not needed anymore.


Why I say so is that the lack of coverage of the press about the events in forums or feeds such as LinkedIn or even ‘chatter’. And that shows a lot when even the RTM was not present at the opening ceremony of a key exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center or KLCC which shows there is something wrong with things or there was a lapse with the appointments made by the organizer and the honeypot provided to the media crew. Being KLCC is in the heart of the city center, and notoriously everything is expensive there. Parking is a real murder and even with a media truck make things harder to park and very costly. Many now hire freelancers to pick up the slack due to cost cutting measures or lack of manpower or resources to go there (mainly because there was no incentive for these editors or anchor people to be enticed to be present.. ie: Money and Time) so we do our best but when there was NO MEDIA ROOM and there was NO MEDIA PRESS KIT.. then something is really amiss. All I took back was a pen drive which had a virus in it (spyware) and a press release paper and that was that. No feeds, exhibitor profiles or even brouchers / leaflets for us to write about, in terms of new technologies and this and that. And no coffee. There was times that do happen at some expo because of lack of space, they allocated a small area to utilize the network and coupons for our food and drinks at the cafĂ© (which serves terrible food btw!). Only cold water was served!


So it’s heck of a leg work for me, going about the booths to see what is there to write on and only ONE DECENT exhibitor was attentive enough to approach us to provide information to what they were supplying and providing which was SATO LABELLING WORLDWIDE. Despite being a small player in the Malaysian health market, they are doing their best in making medical errors a thing of the past such as patient label bands, Printout stickers for the IV and medicines and stuff. I do appreciate what they do because as a medical professional, we make many mistakes which causes death and every little bit especially in good labeling and instructions (for the patient , after discharge) are key to survival and recuperation .  Honestly, it’s a simple thing, but with good labels and barcode tagging (or RFID), mislabeled baby swap jokes are something of the past or wrong prescription dosages (TDS be QDS etc). It also cut on time and money since everything is accounted for and there should be no expired medication running about and killing someone for that matter.


Despite them enticing me with a possibility of winning an iPad if I go to their product seminar, I had to give it a miss since I was up on time, but the gesture is much appreciated. Their male sales staff are very attentive and always have an eagle eye for details to spot where their next sale will be is something I have to comment on, with high praises. I would have tried my luck and stayed put but I had an interview during that time with a delegate so it’s something I do remember by and I was hoping to win an IPAD (just for fun…they could give me one though!) Their quality in their product bag was THINK QUALITY, THINK SATO and they are showing the best in their quality. I just hope the Ministry of Defense would use that system instead as the current system is a real pain in the back and with every label printed means one item less on stock and we have accurate stock keeping and accountability. Their pricing is not dear at all. Far cheaper than the Australian counterpart.


As for our Malaysian sector, only the Malaysian Health Ministry Department of Medical Tourism are so eager to explain on what they do and the whole nine-yards. Compared to SIRIM and others, I’m so sorry but they really fail the yard stick this time round.


So what I think of xxxxxx Expo held on 28-30 March? A real disappointment due to the bad running of the show by the organizers.


Better luck next time with the media ok?