Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is it faster?

Someone said on the forums that IPv6 transition is faster to load than of IPv4 and we are putting it to test today.

BTW, to be fair, we are using MyRepublic Gamer 150Mbps link (topped off at 162mbps local) and Hurricane Electric SEA-1 Tunnel to Portland, Oregon

First test goes to Netherlands

And this is over native IPv6 and surprisingly I found out that our link is faster over ipv4 to India than iPv6.

This is to India and to Lyon France... the test shows it's faster

This is hosted by LaFibre.Info and This is on AS43142, so if you understand routing on BGP, it has to go thru the route itself, since I am HE Tunnel AS6939 via IPv6, it is the preferred way as IPv4 has to hop so many other places.

So , depending on network peers, sometimes it works fine with IPv6 and mostly on IPv4.

Hit and Miss

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have completed the IPv6 Migration.....

OK, IPv6 is not that easy especially when U have to work with terrible CPE such as HuaWei and ZTE and even some Cisco Dual Port routers are not able to load up with IPv6.

So here we go.
Each individual PC is given their own super stack, dual stack IPv6. The last octets are changed.
The router is able to broadcast /48 IPv6 address from the end side, using the ASUS N56 and AC and N66 works fine too. IPv6 is not workable over RT-N15 router. I've yet to test the netgear router Singtel uses and also of the PACE Routers they use. AZTECH 7000 from Singtel (password H3ll0t3ch ) 

Yet, there are so many devices that don't work over ipv6 including APPLE iOS Devices aka iPad, iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iSmack etc..... and it's a waiting game.

My IPv6 Address is in Portland Oregon, USA... Thanks to HE.NET
For some, in Malaysia, IPv6 is a far distance away since the ISPs have hogged down almost over a few million IP Addresses for their R&D etc and the government is no where steering into IPv6, and that their own domain registry is not IPv6 Compliant.

It's a funny thing as I am still in Singapore and I am announcing from MyRepublic Singapore. Spooky eh???

Well, Smart Routers know it, but many providers are nuts and still get conned.

Well, we go forward after this

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Access to IPV6

Now, I have been a little playful and using IPV6 and guess what?
If you can come to this website : http://[2402:8d03:ffef:ff7f:a0:60bb:6400:0] then it is already working for you.

I did some testing and running with IPv6 using my ASUS N56 router and MyRepublic Fiber Broadband Service and to test if we are able to work within the IPv6 community and be certified.

How it works? Using Firmware version ending .360 on N56 (upgrade if needed to), we can directly go into the IPv6 section with ease.

You need the IP setting from your tunnel broker. I use Hurricane Electric.

In the HE Settings, you need to get your IP Settings inside and then you run the config.

Mine would look like this after the finalisation

 netsh interface ipv6 add v6v4tunnel IP6Tunnel 103.247.MY.IP
Replace the MyIP is where you add your IP Address
netsh interface teredo set state disabled
netsh interface ipv6 add address IP6Tunnel 2001:470:a:4e7::20
This is your PREFIX (64), I just add another 0 at the back to add more IP
netsh interface ipv6 add route ::/0 IP6Tunnel 2001:470:a:4e7::1
This is the Gateway Router

It works.
The IP website I tested above is the SINGAPORE GOVT WEBSITE and it's IPv6 Compliant.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vistaprint Singapore... a service review.

Initially I was looking thru many stuff that I had to do and one of the things I needed was a self inking stamp and Vistaprint Ad pops up, offering FREE Self Inking Stamp.

So I did click and guess what? I had to pay $29.99 for the item. Initially I thought it was a geographical error and well, I leave it to be. But after a few days later, I looked it up again, and guess what, it's the same... All I want is a simple self inking small stamp bearing my name and phone number in standard black where I could do it for less than $10 locally here in a shop but $18 is still reasonable.

The thing is, that is all about principles. Business Principles.
You Promote, You Honor The Promise.

So I emailed the customer service and after 2 days, it got replied and basically, the tone of voice is not to what I expect it to be... asking me to find back the mailer and click on it.

The cheeky part is , that the offer was only for a certain silly models which in my opinion, of no different in the cost of the plates and of others. I know how it is done anyway, using silk screening.

Postage is super expensive and well, in total, my point is that for what I pay for 2 products, I would get 10 in my local shop and IMMEDIATELY.

Why the hassle? The CSO did not even offer a sense of remorse and even a coupon.

So my advise is, avoid them.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting the iTunes account in the US....or Where Ever It Is....

Many people have tried and failed and this is a real pain in the backside.

So here goes the silly trick to GET YOUR NETFLIX APP for your ITUNES / IPAD / IPHONE etc
Here we are talking about NETFLIX APP FOR IPAD / iPhone

You must understand that you need to have a US BASED ADDRESS..somewhere.. but if you have a prepaid AMEX CARD, you can get one from ComGateWay.... I will talk about that in a few posts later on...

Any post box will do... but the phone number trick needs to be legit.
The hassle is always the phone number that has to match the zip code etc and I have my own physical one here ... which I got from skype and TollFreeNumbers.Com....

This site is OPERATED BY AMERICAN EXPRESS and for Singapore Citizens, it's plain easy for you to get one AMEX without having a good credit.. using the EZLink Debit AMEX CARD.I mentioned it before


Select Country to US .

Here is where it gets trickier.

Open Netflix App

Create a New Account
Use as NONE AS PAYMENT MODE... remember that...

When you reach the security questions... STOP!!!

I usually use

Without a US VPN, you will have an error message later on.

Select the Payment mode (to none..remember)...and carry on...

If you do not have the VPN on... you will get kicked out...

Activate the email address and welcome to the new age.

This is meant for those using MyRepublic Fiber Service... it works...