Sunday, April 30, 2017

EthOS is just purely over-rated

Opinionated as it seems , the much hyped Mining Operating System for Ethereum Mining aka EthOS is just a pure hype to me as it does nothing much than a thin model of an operating system.

Here is the thing... it is based out of UBUNTU Linux and it's under GPL, ie source codes are made free. However, they are extorting lazy people $39.90 for a download from GPUShack under the terms of Goat with Red Eyes , another word for broad day cyber rip off.

If you got a stable broadband and not lazy enough (you need to do some work and huge bandwidth anyway with any downloads), you can get things done in less than 25 mins, tops.

Here is the requirements:
Your mining rig with a good broadband connection.
HDD Raw Copy Tool to burn the Ubuntu
4GB Thumb Drive for the image
32GB or more Hard disk or even Fast Speed Thumb Drive.

In this scene, I use Sandisk 64GB USB 3.0 Ultra Flair with speeds of 150MB/s... I do have to warn you the THUMB DRIVE GETS EXTREMELY HOT!

You will need to be able to boot from USB in your BIOS.. so press F1,F10 , F8, F12 or DEL at boot up and select your options. Some Bios require you to EMULATE the thumb drive as a HDD, and in this case, the bigger one.

Installing is purely simple. Do Not Partition the Drive. Remove all the partitions, Create one Single Partition, and EXT2 Bootable Flag. This is where the drive gets HOT! Do NOT TOUCH IT!

Everything is in order.. Checked. Networking Etc working.
Start download UBUNTU SERVER 16 LTS version. It has no GUI and is far better and faster.
Add on the Networking, LAMP, SSH Options as it saves you a huge hussle later on.

Once installed, it will reboot. Remove the main USB leaving the 32GB one.

Login, and it will show you are now Super User.
Add a backup user say pirate with superuser options. Use this when U need to over ride on SSH.
command:  sudo adduser xxusernamexxx
it will ask for password
user a hard one, a number plate ex SGT1234Y will do fine.

now for the hard part..
Read the Ethereum Pool How to.

Pretty much tells U how to do the miner.

You will need a wallet though... so if you do not have...
sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethereum/ethereum
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ethereum

After that, U need to setup the SSH service.
Makes like super easy...
This is a tricky one.

 apt-get install openssh-server

I imagine all accounts are super user, so all accounts need SUDO or SUPER USER DO

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Change the port number to something else.. say 9988
add a line  MaxAuthTries 3
This prevents bruting

sudo service ssh restart 

I am plainly lazy so I just SSH in instead and when it's all done... you can start mining.

command will be 
ethminer -F -G --high-cpu-load

 its basically ?miner=speed@0xaddress -options

After U test it works... CLONE IT.
Use CloneZilla or something

Good luck

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Downloading different regional apps

You want that app but its geoloc to that specific country?

Its plain simple actually.

What U will need google now verifies..

1) VPN into the country
2) Mobile number for access
3) Play store access

In this case I used UK as some apps will only work for UK accts.

Get a GiffGaff sim..cost is free but £10 topup..ask me if u need one... as the txt messages will get there.

Once U have yr sim activated...then do your thing.

Go to n get a new acct. Make sure U VPN in...
It will ask for the number...

After that..ur all set