Terms and Conditions of Trade


Azrin Info Web subscribe to the Better Business Bureau, SG CaseTrust policies along with Islamic Business Practice. As such, the owner of the Website, Dr Rapheal Azrin Abdul Majid is proud to offer the following terms and conditions of trade & business:

Scope of the business are to the businesses, corporations and partnerships that Dr Rapheal Azrin is a participating member and holds a vested interest in, and as such are confined to the terms pertained below.
Notwithstanding any legalities, companies and websites governed by these terms include :

iExploreAsia Media SG (known as iExploreAsia, a Singapore Entity) ,
Zyraz Technology Berhad (Zyraz PLC, a Malaysian Corporation ; Formerly Aductions Inc), iExploreAsia Medical Group (A Not-for-Profit organisation registered in UK),
Study Support Network UK (A Charitable (Exempted Registrations HMRC) Entity registered in England UK No 823680232),
GizmoNET IntraWEB.NU Inc (GizmoNET),
ZYRAZ Islamic Finance & Amanah Holdings Europe (ZIFAH)
Zaira Food Biotechnology International ( Zaira Food Tech)
and all websites operated under and for these entities.

These includes any entities on EBAY, PAYPAL, MONEYBOOKERS, FACEBOOK, Social Websites, BBS.NU, CHAT.NU, ALIBABA and as such are also subjected to those owner's site terms.

Scope of Law are based on England & Wales (for Europe), San Jose California (for US), Singapore & Malaysia (Asia Includes IPO laws of the Federated Malay States), Federated Micronesia State of NIUE for Asia Pacific, Canada and Commonwealth States for all disputes.
We may elect a court of our choice for the arbitration purposes at YOUR EXPENSE.
Rulings made by the European Parliament may be adhered to but we can elect to ignore them totally. We are not technically bound by those rulings (should they not be in our favor)
In any event, we can also elect the SYARIAH COURT for ANY DISPUTE and MEDIATION. This apply for ANY TRADE AMONG MUSLIM COUNTRIES INCLUDING WHOLE MIDDLE EAST, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei.


Cheques and WIRE are accepted and realised at upon cleared fundings after deducting any bank fees. We accept Western Union and MoneyGram drawn into MALAYSIA. Any digital payments and credit/debit card transactions are charged at 5% handling fee or lower. We will credit your account only on NETT AMOUNTS.

We Accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Discover + Diners Club (36xx or Cirrus Branded) & JCB. The fees charged by the handling bank is stated on your agreements.
To reduce Cross Border Fee by your bank (usually at the rate of 4%+ $10), please pay us in a currency of your home country , USD , EURO or Sterling.
We do not charge any fee to transfer locally to our accounts in UK, Singapore or Malaysia. We are not responsible for any CHAPS/SWIFT/GIRO-IBG/MEPS charge.
We accept payments from PAYPAL if you are a VERIFIED CUSTOMER or in Malaysia.We reserve the right to hold the money until we are satisfied of ALMA compliance.WE ALSO TAKE MEPS ATM TRANSFERS.

We reserve the right to demand your IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT and PROOF OF IDENTITY for ANY TRANSACTIONS or at the start of it.

By Agreeing to be in contact with us, you understand this is a legal requirement and you must provide your COLOR COPY OF PASSPORT certified by the COURT along with your THUMB PRINT for Proof of Identity or Drivers License for EUROPE and Certified DMV documents (Driver's License) attested by the Local Police Authority in the US.

You must also provide Proof of Address such as BANK STATEMENT, WATER OR POWER BILL or Driver's License. This is not extensive. You can also send a Certified Wire from your account for US$100 plus a bankers letter of confirmation of your name and address instead for some countries where Prime Banks are not available such as CitiCorp, DBS,Malayan Banking, OCBC, LLOYDS TSB Group, ANZ (Basically banks listed in Malaysia or Singapore Financial Hubs).
This is in relation to ANTI MONEY LAUNDERING regulations and Anti-Terrorism Act / Patriot Acts. We have to require these documents for any transactions above $1000 or for the duration of the contract.

The companies and entities you are dealing with are registered within their own jurisdictions. For all postal,legal and handling, please address it to

Wisma Zyraz Tech
50 Kampong Seberang Pekan
Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan DK
72000 Malaysia

We accept documentation by UPS,FEDEX and POSTAL SERVICE prepaid by POSTAGE STAMP (The stamps you lick on, Not franking or meters stickers, our postal service tend to delay them, and please use a thick plastic envelope such as bubblepacks or those supplied by Fedex/DHL etc ).
Proof of postage or delivery is not proof of acceptance of service. Only Signed Stamped with authorised seal are proof of acceptance of our officers. Fax, emails, Telegrams, Telexs are not admissible by us as a form of service. We do take instructions by them, but will require the paper copy.

All sales are final. If you agree to a sale, the full conditions are stipulated on the invoice or Proforma Invoice (Quotation). Where upon upfront payment is required, these will not be refunded if the purchase is cancelled.
We offer reasonable exchange and returns subject to the conditions. Perishables such as food, chocolates and hygenic products such as undergarments are non-exchangable nor returnable.

Where orders are substantial and lead time is required, we may require a NON REFUNDABLE security deposit of AT LEAST 50% of the order amount on  proforma invoice. Balance may be collected BEFORE DELIVERY.
We take utmost care in handling and delivering these to you and if you find them damaged upon delivery, please denote them on the receipt,and if the delivery pack is smashed, please do not accept them. Take a photo and contact us immediately.Take a facial photograph of the carrier and their registration plates/tags too.

We do offer 7 days and 14 days return, cool off and exchange policy on most items except health care related, medications, foods, domain name registrations and softwares. Other excluded from the cooling off period includes Business Registrations, Governmental Application and Visa Services, Virtual Points, Credit and Currency and the like. These are stipulated on the license agreements of the individual products and of the vendors.WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR NON DELIVERY OF GOODS IF IT IS SEIZED BY CUSTOMS. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS FOR THAT MANNER.
We do take in a software that has not been activated or installed subject to a 25% handling fee. Returns must be POSTAGE PREPAID with tracking devices.

If you have a complaint of a product sold by a third party provider, please escalate to them as their details are on the packing manifest. Should you fail to acquire a response, we will sort it out for you within 14 working days.
Device and Equipment Warranties are of the manufacturers, and as some products are sold under PARALLEL IMPORT terms, these are sold AS IS. Our products are heavily discounted for that matter.

If you need to contact us, please call us at +60174648814 or SKYPE by AZRIN619. Text messages are accepted on these numbers. Our working hours are 0000-0600 GMT ( 9AM-4PM Singapore Time). We try to attain customer service to cater to EU and US zones in the future.
Refunds will be processed and made within 30 working days of receipt to enable us to collect the costs from the wholesaler.

Domain names are subjected to the UDRP , WIPO laws. We will release a domain name without notice if they are not paid within 7 days BEFORE the anniversary date (renewal date - 7 working days!), Court order of Copyright infrigment and legal statues.
You understand that we may resell these domain to the open market for a higher price and you will lose your domain and any hosting package if your contact details are unreachable.
We will try to communicate to you by EMAIL and TEXT MESSAGE before we disconnect your services. If any email bounce, we will suspend the package or services.


We take seriously of FRAUD AND MONEY LAUNDERING. All details are securely logged and we take pre-emptive measures to report any suspicious activities such as (*(not limited to) phising, Fraud, Scam, Get Rich Quick, MLM, Pornography, Lottery, Racist & Hate, Islamophobia and anything that is against the teachings of Islam. This also includes Homosexual,Bisexual,Lesbian,paedophile and S&M activities.
You agree that any money paid will NOT BE REFUNDED if you breach these terms.

We demand ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHIC IDENTIFICATION FOR ANY BUSINESS AND LEGAL REGISTRATION. A set of (ROLLED) FINGERPRINTS on standard police booking form will also be required. As such be aware we will ask you to snap a picture (and/or Video)of yourself with your PASSPORT under yourself CLEARLY, certified *(SIGNED,STAMPED and DATED) by a REPUTABLE and ACCEPTABLE BANK* or POLICE DETENTION SERGENT / Superintendant on CLEAR PHOTOGRAPHIC PAPER as proof of identity in lieu of you coming to see us. Your Original Passport and documents MUST BE SENT TO US by Secure Courier and PREPAID. You must pay for the return of these documents.
We will inform you of the expected charges, such as postage, handling fees, Immigration Checks, Bail Bonds, Insurance Policies and Governmental Fees. These excludes any 'expedition' fees as warranted. You must stamp your right thumbprint on any document sent or signed by you at the bottom right corner of the page and your initial + left thumb print on the CENTER OF THE REVERSE PAGE IF IT IS BLANK. This will ensure that we (or our agents) don't misuse your document for something else.
Some countries will require this for their GOOD CONDUCT CERTIFICATE/ POLICE CERTIFICATE which we may require from the Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi, UAE, US or UK Governments.

If you wish to inspect what details we have on you, please send $300 (300 Euro or GBP 200 Pounds) to cover legal,handling and postage. Any court warrants, subpoena , notices, research etc will be charged at $500 per hour at a minimum of $10,000 payable upfront plus travel costs. External Agencies may charge for the info held by them including DHS,FBI,POLICE, Embassies.

If you are paying from a high risk country such as Africa, Middle East, Former USSR States, we may only accept travellers cheques or Fast Wire such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Please don't try to pay us using dodgy documents or currencies.

These terms are applied and in use since our business establishment in 1965. This is a revised guideline proposed in 2011 March.

Privacy Policy is stipulated under legal & privacy terms on these websites.

Version MAR2011-B
Money Laundering Governance 2001
(added many new terms. See Changelog)