Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Testing my bits by spreading the word of Allah

Many knows I am a Singaporean and I am a muslim.
As much as possible, I am a supporter of charities.
So I am helping out Brother Amir with his Quran app on Google Play.

I am testing out to ease his load as a co-hoster. This is primary loaded on MyRepublic Network and hope they don't DDOS me out. That is why the load balancing is critical and I am primarily loaded thru IPv6. It's my first step into community crowd loaded hosting...so please bear with us. 50Mbps link is not that swift.. but hope it works faster on IPv6. Please enable IPv6 on your devices ya.. or use Hurricane Electric TunnelBroker to get that.

Test out the Surah Yasin by Sheik Basit : http://sg-01.azrin.info/Quran/Basit/s036.mp3

I will need some co-hosts to load this project as the server is too little.
If you wish to donate, please PAYPAL to azrin12970(AT)gmail.com

Any amount will do. SG and Malaysian Ringgit , please sms 81196830 / 017-4648814
This is to offset the power bill...and inshallah, upgrade the servers.

Thanks for reading,  Barakallah.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Now there is the Data Protection Act, the consumers are now shielded from our unscrupulous pinoy telemarketing agents of Citibank, Standard Chartered, DBS , Prudential, Great Eastern and many more.. asking you to help them sign up for bank cards, loans, insurance plans etc.

The weapon is now a $10,000 fine and we can now demand COMPENSATION for the breach. Outright blackmail I would say, but hey, who did not check the list right? Courts paid a token sum few mths back to apologise for the offense, and now the DNC is up.

How does it work for you as a consumer?

First off, you need to register your phone number.
Click on the Register Online

Then Enter your Phone Number, and tick ALL the options.

there will be an OTP given.
Enter it and that's it!

What about companies?
You need to register your company UEN and Singpass. There is a $30 registration and 500 credits. I am not sure how it works, but B2B are not covered in the filter. So I can still call you to sell MyRepublic Business Broadband Services or VOIP Servers for your business... if you get what I mean.

If you run a marketing list... this is where they make money. Each number search costs 2.3 cents!
I saw somewhere the bulk scheme works to $10,000 for a Million Number Searches and you *SHOULD* get 3 million number searches in use for Singapore. Level 3 numbers are excluded.

I remember a script I used for RAS during my dialup BBS days to check for phone numbers.... and I think I should use that script soon... Outsource Checks.

Maybe we can have a PLEASE CALL ME LIST right?

LinkedIn Spam

If you received some spam from linkedin via MyBizcard.co ...then I am truly sorry. Somethings have gone wrong and if you have clicked on them, you too have got your account smacked.

Please do this...

First off... go into your Linkedin account and mouse over to your face on the top right corner.
There a sub menu will come out and click on the review privacy..

What you see here is the aftermath of me being so pissed off finding the settings but the next image will be a little tad clearer.

This is the silly part where you logged in and verify your identity first and then you click on the 3rd tab, under the Groups settings and applications. You can also remove yourself from the group there too... for yr info.

On the View Applications, you see a whole load of bunch of applications there. I even see one that says... DO NOT AUTHORISE THIS APPLICATION. Somehow someone did screw up somewhere.... and I did not check them till today.

By clicking on the applications, you can then remove them all.

Keep those you recognise and use often, and I don't suggest you keep Microsoft or Google linked to your account.

God knows what evil can they do.

And if you still get spam from me... call me!~