Monday, June 27, 2011

Pondering over a DELETE BUTTON IN LIFE.

Something a ponder of the day... Thanks to my friend Amos Dong who wished for a DELETE button in life.

Here is to you bro... a point to ponder.
I learn a way...after very painful ones...and this is an advise from my late wife ...

Hubby,In life .. we have many skeletons that we buried and shoved in our closet of life.. which must never be opened or uncovered for you will live your life like a walking zombie... so if you have to go thru again a place that has sad memories..and not to remind yrself of that past.. bring someone who brings you happiness and joy... for that will over write the sadness that is within, something like a video tape.. and thus ... your walk in life is no longer haunted by those very feelings and that "langkah kita tidak akan pendek lagi untuk elak tempat tersebut" (meaning we won't try to avoid that place again in phobia)... and if someone says so and so.. let it be so..for stick and stones will break my bones but words and slurs can't.

Remember these words for you will never be imprisoned again by life.. for the most cruel prison is where we live with regrets , shame and melancholic feelings.
Those are so thru and just better than going for AA Meetings. Pain is there..but far less than ever...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

ODesk English Test.... A fraud?

Something I have to ask, as I did this test out this particular test after I noticed that one Pakistani guy who can't speak right was the TOP of the candidates.. in fact he scored 100% and I decided to give it a try, after I feel it's rigged.

Why I made those claims? I did TWO tests.. on TWO Accounts and the answers were checked by the MS Word Dictionary and it gave 98% for a 40 question test... and 2% is what? For time? There is no Multiple Choices in that set of questions where you need to tick 2 or more and I feel it's defective.

As a Toastmasters Member and a WAOE Council Member, I am obliged to follow by the code of ethics and practice good public speaking methodologies including proper use of grammar and spelling and pronunciation and in my books, these tests are fake.

Anyone with a MS Word opened on the side or even a blogger screen can type the word in and see what is the wrong one. I did that in the first set, checking EVERY QUESTION and it comes to 98% and within 20mins and the second time, it's a no brainer... and within 10 mins.So my point is, why a spelling test when you can cut and paste and cheat?? The only way I see it is to derive a page, with proper AMERICAN ACCENT SPEAKER pronouncing the words out and we spell it out, something like Part One of the GCSE English 1119 Paper or like the IELTS.

That itself will show us who is the boss.

For the employees of oDesk..sorry I offended you, but this is deserving...and I have to say the truth. The Honest Truth, and it sucks.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Condolences to my cousins....

It was just after dawn that it dawned on me my sister rang me up to say that my only male uncle (heir/waris) to the family, Mr Abdul Hamid bin Mahadi @ Leman had passed away this morning. He was just 58 or so.

It dawned upon me of a silly joke that he said to me last year, the last time I saw him at the funeral of another relative, Puan Hajjah Norhayati Abdullah, which I quote, "Once you reach 50, all of us are waiting for the bell " which means, on reaching 50, we are all waiting for our number to be called by Izrail, the Angel of Death.

It is that, I seldom cry at funerals, but this particular uncle, is just the like of my dad, only their way of life is different and that what makes me sad this morning, is that he is at an early age, and I was not able to know him far better than what I knew of him 30 years back.

Being my father's elder brother, of course there are some misunderstandings, but what make me sad, is that they never buried their differences, and now, one of them is waiting for his turn to the other world, to be buried in the grave, that one did not able to ask for forgiveness or so.. when he was still alive.

That he reminds ourselves to be humble, that during the last time I saw him with my family, was at Tesco Bukit Indah and I did not even notice him, until he shouted out my name..and I was searching about to who was it.. and that is how bad I was.. I can't even recognise him until I saw my aunt...who was just as the same as 20 years ago.

To my cousins, Azhar (Kek), Azman..and my other cousins who I did not get to know.. my deepest condolences to you.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Join me on SAYS MY

There is a new Tweet - Post player in town and I might as well mention it...
SAYS MY is the new kid on the block and you should give it a try. If you got Nuffnang, Churp Churp, iZeAs.. then you should try this at home!

It looks and feels like Nuffnang.. but hey.. I am more than happy to try anything out now.

Have fun!

Friday, June 17, 2011

They can try threaten...

I suppose the latest DDOS attacks by the ANONYMOUS and RED DRAGON team is just the tip of the iceberg for the MCMC team as they claim they have the list of perpetrators who hacked into the servers. The media is just going along with the Try Scare Them Out tactic which, is all about nerves of steel.

Come on MCMC, these people just want what they want to do, download. The DMCA itself protects copyright owners of their works and rectification is better than trying to whack a dengue mosquito with a shotgun, only to hurt yourself in the feet.

DDOS can be avoided easily if they have the proper equipment and technical expertise. However, the government employees really lack the skill and carrot to deter this from happening in the first place and that poor government websites were defaced.

However, how much of data from MyEG, Polis Diraja Malaysia were compromised? I do believe if they managed to hit the server itself, data would be leaked by means of database piercing. One good example was the Sabah Tourism website. The email addresses, root user password are all open , only hashed by an MD5 encryption.

They could have planted a trojan and use the whole subnet to tunnel into other parts of the network or subnet masks which act as a packet sniffer or alike and there goes your credit card details, encryption details and passwords. I recall this happened way back 5 years ago when MyEG had a flaw in their processing service and I had a whole bunch of people renewed their licenses for FREE.

To make and run a server is simple for them but maintaining and securing it is always the issue. I honestly don't understand why they want to do that, but, it's a sure waste of money, resources and time. I could do a better job at that with Pinoys and Indians working 24/7 monitoring them.

So..what is next? Expect more DDOS....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No more RON95 for Malaysians!

Read this carefully my fellow Malaysian friends, if you are not driving a Malaysian Registered Car.. then you cannot buy RON95 despite you showing your MyKAD at the station. The only way to bypass this pay at pump and if the station don't care.. buat don't know lah....

For CNG vehicles of Singapore.. sorry people.. no more subsidised NGV for you too. But I think, many stations won't bat an eyelid if you fill up in Melaka or KL as you are far away from home.

But in my opinion... they should only BAN RON95 sale TOTALLY in WHOLE OF SOUTH JOHOR less a few Petronas stations with Primax95. And they should offer RON97 and UL110/130 instead for the KAKI RACE drivers..and for you who don't know what UL110's Petrol for the Aircraft, Gasoline 110% proof, which is expensive but very good and cost savings. Plus that it's also known as NITRO to many in the US.

I support the move, since RON95 is for the poor people, not Singapore Bound vehicles. You are a Singaporean or Malaysian, and can afford a Singapore car..then too bad.. fill the good stuff. Don't be a cheap skate Mr Kiasu.

Otherwise, drive a Diesel engine car.. saves more..and economically more green as they are mostly now derived from green alternatives (read: COOKING OIL!). I will honestly support their cost savings.. heck, otherwise, just have less petrol stations. Be green, drive a Diesel! A full tank on a Renault Kangroo gives you 800km! Cheaper too since it's RM1.80 a liter or about 79cents.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How is your ADSENSE so far?

It's been a very long while I did SEO and Red-Hat tricks and I did have to look at how things are really going for me...and I am quite shocked when I saw the real deal here.

So what I am seeing here, that is the US market is really making money for me... but what ads are actually coming up? I have been hearing it's not Google Adsense but of lower quality Adchoices which the monopoly was by... Hostgator and AMEX on some.

Surprised? I am because it is usually supposed to see higher value ones, on heavy keywords such as finance et al, so why is that so.. I am not sure...

Anyone can give me a guess? I am quite intrigued by these..and surely my friend Diana Tan will be asking herself. But I am paying a small team to analyze the ads for me.... so let's see how it goes.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

You want me to leave....

It's very irritating that some people think so highly of themselves that they can tell everyone of your mistake of not covering up... a man who is on the beach half naked (well.. I was out of the water and took a photo chest up) and they are making a fuming fuss of the fact that I was NAKED when talking of a Muslim woman's modesty, is all about covering up, and meaning head to toe, and that is still point blank in their profile, and make no amends of it.

We are all entrepreneurs and alike, we respect each others beliefs and for me, why must I make a fuss of someone when that someone can be my customer. But here I was in the firing line, and I make it a point to hold my ground.

Of which, sadly, I think it is a waste of time and effort to keep myself in the company of MELAYU TRADE facebook group as all I see is a group of grown up gals who run businesses out to make a mockery of things and before I loose my darn temper, and make myself foolish and of agony, I better of de-friending them as I don't see any good with Malay Women Entrepreneurs.  It should be renamed The Bickering Bitches of Malay Women Traders instead as they have nothing else to do than to sell themselves online, far worse than a prostitute or Boh-Sia on the sidewalk of Chow Kit Road.

It's sad, that Tradition (Adat) of the Malay Culture is all about going against the teaching of Islam. It's all the medieval culture that brings nothing more than doom to the society. Islam teaches us to be modest and respect others, and a man is to cover from his navel to the knee and women everything except the face, hands and feet (below the ankle) as ordained. WTF is all I can say.

So I better leave...and if my own family wants me to leave, because I am always a looser, then they are far off worse than me. For that is a cause of many broken homes, of bad families and kids going wild et al as the Family Institution is no longer there. I for one have principles, and of one is not to break a promise or appointment with a customer, especially the House of God, be it a Mosque, Church or Temple, as you are sure to be cussed and cursed by the Almighty if you thread on His property. I won't risk bad karma for that matter, and I have to go out even in the twilight , late into the night, to earn a living and what I get in return from my own family? Nothing more than being cussed and sworn at.

So is this justice? No, there is no justice in this world, and for me, doing something for charity or a charitable institution is payment to the Almighty for the Grace bestowed upon me, and I for one, expect nothing else, other than be able to carry on living and spreading the word and sharing the Grace of God. And if I am to die unexpectedly, I don't expect anything of my body or soul, for all I wish for is to complete the tasks at stake.

I am tired, really am, but who am I to say much more. All I care is for my family and I miss my daughter, Athira for I missed her much, that the money I need to travel to see her, is better spent feeding her siblings. Sacrifices, and of the better of two evils. What can I say...but to admit my faults.

But to ask me to leave...