Monday, May 4, 2015

A loss for Malaysia - the End of Jaring

JARING or the Joint Advanced Research Integrated Networking was the pioneer for Internet in Malaysia. It is akin to Temasek TELEVIEW operated by TAS back in 1989 or so and I am quite sad that this entity is going down.

Having said that , I am willing to take up the company without any debts (or do a repayment and analytics of the 'debt' as these are so much subjective to dodgy dealings etc) because JARING is a huge entity that we can eat up.

Look at the AS Number looking glass. At least 10 subnets of /16 which is alot and a whole /15!
That in layman terms , IP Addresses of at least a million or so.

Bottom line is.... how much are they worth?

I want to have Jaring. And I know what rubbish I can do with it!