Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nuffnang Server Hacked?

Yo! I was gob smacked when I saw the deadly page of WORDPRESS CONNECTION PAGE chugging out every little info of the site and the vulnerability of their database servers.

Error connecting still don't mean people can't access your servers and it's internal run time through backdoor hacks.

Come on Tim,your admins should know better. Even with 2.6.1 x3 has it's set of flaws and now, by virtue as a WORDPRESS DEV TEAM, I have to make this findings so YOU GO AND REVAMP the frigging problem.

Sorry guys!You should pay me for finding this flaws.Just to think if someone adds a malicious code as uses this as a piggy back to access the whole sets of database servers, then the server logs will be compromised and alongside with our earnings.

No wonder some of them are earning over RM10,000 a month. I guess we know why, right guys.

Explain please.


  1. i also had encounter with those error pages but i dont think you can exploit it in some way, unless you're an experienced hacker and really know your way around technology. just my 2 cents thou.

  2. thx for your comment . really they nothing to do but losta cash!

  3. whoa!!!! that's a news for me. Takut weh!


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