Thursday, January 15, 2009

(R+ Rated) Vice Operations in Malaysia

I am placing this post and videos as R RATED due to the nature of the visuals. This was captured by JAKIM and Islamic enforcement officers recently of a sex club rave party recently where they nabbed many couples having sex in cubicles.

I am going to PASSWORD PROTECT this post, so look for the password on my other site ( GEEK'S CORNER )

So, the raid was done somewhat about just after midnight where the club was supposed to shut it's operations. However, due to many complains etc, they mounted a heavily handed SHAME GAME with these party animals in VIRGO Cafe in KL (not sure..but sources indicate so) and with reporters and such, there are bound to be a few caught in the dragnet.

I will release the Video tonight...after doing some censoring, but this is just a preview:

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