Friday, March 27, 2009

Early birthday present...

I got a little early present from my colleague at Aductions (what is now ZYRAZ) and well, I was talking about how crappy Blackberry is ..and yeah the older versions tend to crash, hang and what ever they call it. I know you guys will hate me because of the processor and well, the Razor (storm) is a better version as it feels like the iPhone.

One thing I must say..the built in GPS is GOOD. Despite useless software made for it..I found that combined with a 3G support and Google's quite good. Very precise and as I had to pay over RM290 mth for this crap over 2 years, I do admit it is a wiser choice, since it's INSURED and WARRANTED against THEFT, Robbery...or idiotic reverse engineering by me..... The package was simple... $148 plan on the Blackberry service + $30 for the BIS system (unlimited internet 24/7!!) and $100 for the phone. Break the contract is a $1920 penalty.

Blackberry Bold 9000 This is the real thing and well, GPS is also good since U can set it to your Google Account and check on your loved ones using Google Latitude.

I'm gonna fiddle it more!

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