Monday, November 7, 2011

Mobile Travel Tips

Many have been asking me how to save money when UR overseas.... deferring the hefty costs of calls and calling back home to check on things. I agree roaming charges are hefty, especially data packages, even by our 4 operators, namely MAXIS, DIGI, CELCOM, U-Mobile*TuneTalk*SalamFone*XOX*Merchant-Trade grouping. There is no roaming for P1,YES! or even TM TDMA for what I know (unless on Wifi VOIP Access)

Let me assure you that THIS IS NOT A PAID OR SPONSORED POST, but generally a good travel tip. If you are using Bill (postpay), make sure you have your ROAMING switched on. Take out your simcard from your Smart Device (iPhone, BB, Android etc) and use a LOUSY 2G fone such as the old ancient NOKIA 3320 or without a camera one, as it's really put to use later on.

Subscribe to a 3rd party roaming service such as FlexiRoam who charges RM10 or so a day on UNLIMITED ROAMING CALLS. Do note that you are basically diverting your call from your fone # to the 015x service and rerouted to you local roaming number.

What is LOCAL ROAMING NUMBER?? Well, some operator may give you a static local number, such as XL for Indonesia for CELCOM users so people in Medan can just ring you up just as if it's local/inter state.AXIATA has their agreements in many countries but no LNR given in Singapore. Otherwise, get another sim card for your smart fone. Depending on your device, you may need a micro simcard or just carry a cutter for that purpose!

Here's some tips!

In Singapore, STARHUB offers cheap call packages. You can get FREE CALLS to Malaysia, UK landlines and US too by using the 018 prefix. So to call Malaysia, instead of using +6012-3456789 you use 018-60-12-3456789 and all you pay is the local minutes (18c/min). Happy 128 also works the same. The initial card cost about $12 to $18 depending on your type and that also works for DATA!!! Of course you can get a dedicated Micro SIM card for your iPad and iPhone but it's costlier for $32 with the same amount of money loaded ($15) and the charges are more. But you get to use the FULL SPEED of 7.2Mbps compared to the full fledged 2.0Mbps on standard SIM. BTW, the standard is $7 (RM 20) for 7 days with 1GB quota which is a good value.If you are floating in and out, it will be $20 for 30 days (1GB)!

Of course, incoming calls are payable. Just pay 50c a day to activate the free incoming calls plan or use the Happy Card. Compared to our Malaysian Prepaid plans... that is a good value. The MAXMOBILE DATA ONLY offers unlimited too... with 5GB daily quota! Speed? 7.2Mbps!

Why I said U need a chao kia fone? When someone rings you, see the caller ID. if it's your friend, call them back at your local number, or if it's urgent, let the fone be diverted into the Roaming Service you can get it where you are.

Is it worth it? If you are a heavy user, yes... otherwise, SKYPE with Credit and Local SIM CARD is cheaper, so U can reply on your device via Skype. You can send SMS on SKYPE too...with your Malaysia # as a caller ID.

So where is the good deals??

Singapore: STARHUB with 018
United Kingdom : Use any operator you like, call the JUST DIAL IDD service (ask me) for the free call to Malaysia. Just use your local minutes to call back.
Indonesia:Use WIFI to call back
Australia: OPTUS is a good deal too!

Others, let me know... and those who have experience.... share with me.... so we all can save.

Prepaid users... I've better ways for U too....

Good luck



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    1. When i had the situation to move Singapore from US, i was afraid of getting the huge roaming charge.My friends suggested me some options to avoid huge roaming charges that are, 1.Get a local prepaid sim card with international calls and data package, 2.To avoid data roaming use free Wi-Fi, 3.Get a mobile that is is compatible with the frequency of the networks in other country, 4.Use smartphone calling apps like Skype,Line to avoid charge for incoming calls ..Finally i decided and got a new prepaid sim card but my mobile was not accepting the new sim card due to network lock .I unlocked my mobile by getting the service from at cheap rate .Now i am using the new prepaid local sim card in Singapore with international call and data plan also i can use many of other country's sim card because my mobile have no network restriction now.


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