Sunday, January 20, 2013

Singapore Election Fever

Just to let you know..Singapore is having another by-election with the resignation of the former speaker of parliament, Micheal Palmer who was caught for extra marital affairs.

Politics aside.. I do mind that they have the Political Rallies near my place because they make a ton of mess noise nuisance (if it not enough that I have to tolerate the TPE revving of bikes etc) and that the police cordons etc and making me pissed with the traffic.

Those going to the rally ..please TAKE THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT.. including the candidates and their heavy weights...

Opinion: Workers Party are there for show.. nothing new except that the Hammer is the face for the late JB Jeyaratnam, who the son Kenneth is contesting too under the Reform Party as he can't take the heat. The WP Candidate look too young like Tem-Peh-Leng ...and I don't trust em... and the SDA.. are there to spoil the show...

I expect PAP to win because the opposition are spoiling the whole market.... and I get on with my normal....

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