Monday, September 23, 2013

Of ethics, Business Values and lying to oneself

The meaning PAID POSTS is a term where the blogger or writer is being remunerated in some sort or form for the endorsement of product or services and I did that prior to me looking my Geeks Corner domain and me being branded Worst Blogger of All Time 2006, 2007 and 2008 outside the United States at par with Perez Hilton for being too honest and well, to many I am quite outspoken and that I am biting the hand that feeds me.

True enough, if the service is great, I would certainly endorse it, and I like the Mystery Shopper method where they are caught off guard and that they give the service without any readiness of inspection.

I am a partner of MyRepublic. I use their services which are good and reliable. Only that there have been many screw ups on the technical side as they get bigger, which is getting the customers to pay for their services aka Billing, and I find it quite a cumbersome thing to do if when they tried to debit my account, the service failed for some DBS bullcrap issue. I for one like NOT to delay payment as that mean I have to be hustled more. I like PAYPAL and I trust Moneybookers or SKRILL as they are called now as its a credit standing.

But then, having to do Internet banking,writing a cheque etc is a nuisance and time wastage.So does calling Hello Billing takes a long time to respond. Which company does NOT like to collect their customers money. Well, I found one.

Which only comes to show, they need to do some work on the back end to get it sorted. And not charging us for late payment fees.

Anyway, as long my internet does not screw up, I am still ok with it. U need premium support? I charge $75 an hour btw.

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