Monday, February 17, 2014

Data Protection Compliance

OK, somehow I am emboiled into this again and I have to place this as one of my entities is in Malaysia.

In compliance with Data Protection Act 2010 in Malaysia, you have the right to see what data we may have on you within Zyraz Technology, it's associates and related entities. However, we will charge you for that research.

We are in compliance with EU and US regulatory frameworks and due to the head office located in California and London, these data protection act 2010 in Malaysia does NOT apply to us, as you are already made aware that your privacy is pretty much useless on the web, as we use Google, Facebook and many other social networks to track you down.

We don't store data here nor will we intend to. Go scream at someone else.
We do not push Cookies into this place so, if there is any, ask GOOGLE.

Thank you for reading this.

Standard \disclosures etc etc etc are available somewhere within this website.

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