Thursday, March 27, 2014

Media Statement

Someone asked if I am from MyRepublic....

I am basically an independent consultant.... and so.. I am not working for MyRepublic nor I am a staff.

Official statement.

Hi NGBC and all.....

I don't work for MyRepublic aka "the company". I am independent... I am a Customer AND CONSUMER ...and I am not affiliated to them, other than being a happy camper..and refer customers to them because I LIKE THEIR SERVICE. I get some compensation for that. You should be too if you are happy with them.

We , the MPP, are independent partners/channel partners/resellers and it's also stated in my blog about me being honest about whatever my opinions were as I do not receive remuneration for my endorsements. It's purely like a "REFER-A-FRIEND" program..... and honestly.. I am still licensed by IDA to work for other ISPs in accordance to ICANN mandates pertaining ISPCP members. Thus the knowledge of the whole industry is commonly shared to others as I do not believe in hiding anything.

Sorry to say, my stand makes me labeled "WORST BLOGGER OF ALL TIME" for 3 years.... and I stick to my principles because if a product is good.. it's good and if something goes weary... then it should NOT be covered up and resolved openly so others can learn on it.

MR did something wrong somewhere within the network.... we let them know and they will get it fixed. I am very curious too as it's something for us to learn from the mistakes they made, just as during the ICANN49 meet which discussed about the Google NameServer hacked despite being DNSSEC signed.

As such, you see me going about the forums even helping those in red,green and other camps with their network, be it ADSL, Fiber or even Metro-E as I have the working knowledge of things, and with my G60 clearance, I can sway many sides....and still stay neutral of things.

You can find out more about me from LinkedIn

Thank you

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