Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saving on technology or just pure money??

The industry is moving and the money needs cutting and the power bill is too high. Sounds familiar rite? Especially when you are in the datacenter business and the bulk of datacenters are spent on cooling and powering those huge racks of 1U pizza boxes, each costing you about 1600W of power which works to about 45c per hour....and a rack will cost you about $30 in power + air conditioning cost per hour. 
Small figure? Add that to the monthly cost which is about $21,000 in power costs alone PER RACK!
That excludes your cooling costs! But on one sense...SERVERS DON'T NEED HUGE PROCESSING POWER. It's that SQL that rakes up loads of heat....and the critical point is the hard drives.
Imagine if you have 400 servers which is about 10 racks of servers in just one rack and using far lesser than the power of one rack? Possible? Yep. I have tested it... however the catch is..you need NAND Drives to push the data crunching to the limit. 
A Mix and Match of these savings can be hybrid together with as much as 75% of your costs and that can be heavily invested in the emerging frontier technology of NAND Storage Systems.
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