Friday, June 16, 2017

Killer Goblin of Ethereum

(I x-post from my other page)

I was doing a lot of Research and Development recently and I was trying to figure out why it is taking so long to update my block chain on Ethereum Network.

Apparently, every time I launch my geth sync mode, it hangs... and I really hate it.
Turns out, the laptop cannot take the amount of data to be pooled into it plug the whole database needs to be launched into the memory bank.

I used this command to launch the synchronization process
geth --cache=2048 --rpc --nat extip: --pprof --v5disc
where the cache is set to 2GB and ext IP is because my network is firewalled pass thru, but in itself, that is the direct IP address, useful for VPS or Google Cloud Compute.

Do note the whole stack (3,888,903 blocks as of 17 June 17) takes 24GB of space in the hard drive and it takes AGES to synchronise unless you have extreme fast internet, and SSD hard drive.

Of course it is faster if you could do an offline download.. and yeah.. I would be happy to do so, for a small fee. Just send some ether (0.01 will do) to my wallet (0x162c28e126a97d0009158fbda0ca93e6e9cc13d0) to cover the network fees and drop me a note on my facebook (@azrin619) that it's done... with your gmail address so you can access it.

If you do not believe how much the goblin took from me.. see this

I set 2vCPU with 8GB Ram and it went over the limit.
Just a warning.

And if you need to see where your money is..
geth --verbosity 2 console
and then you see the dreaded black screen...  I placed the verbosity 2 so the screen is not garbled.

Now U need to unlock the account of your coins.
> personal.unlockAccount("0x01YourAddress","Your-Plain-Text-Password")
It will show if you unlocked it by replying TRUE.

To see your Balance.

> eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase)
Reply will be 10000000000000000 which makes no sense (gas wei??)
A more sensible one will be

> web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase),"ether")
And you can see the reply which is 0.01, showing I'm a poor skint dude!
Make sure you have the correct updated states.

> eth.syncing
  currentBlock: 3883059,
  highestBlock: 3883075,
  knownStates: 4955,
  pulledStates: 4955,
  startingBlock: 3883058

This is offered later on.. and it is 8GB as of now, after compression etc.

You can just import it easily. Its on a U can trust me on this.


  1. I have some idea of what you are talking about here, but I might need some more explanation. I will share this with some friends who know computer.

  2. Thanks for adding different commands, some of them are new for me. I tried to get a coding course but prices of weren't fitting to my budget.

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