Friday, September 20, 2019

Of democracy and Chaos

Hong kong has been jewel of the Orient.But now?

Here is lesson learnt 50yrs ago.. proud malaysia kicked put singapore and say we will never make it.. its a swamp etc..yes..we even have a train station meaning Big Swamp [Paya Lebar]... they removed the dollar ringgit currency par cos they say we are only worth 50sen or half value..cos we had nothing.

Hong Kong was such a proud city. Looking down on Shenzen and others.

Now The slums are now the bustling city where angmohs or guailoh flee the fledging EU economy and work..staying in small local housing instead of condo etc.

HK problem is politicians does not want to make the housing matter a win win.

We Singaporeans ourselves Sinkies..cos we are sinking too. We make noise of policies but its how we swallow it.

U want to make a difference...go to the polls.

I travel alot to china..HK and the world and I find HKnpple are so proud...and yet very rude. They cant even speak proper English. India nationals can speak better.

I hope we do not have to see HK as how Malaysia citizens are treated... running across the border daily..spending 2hrs at the border so they can earn a living and feeding their families back home. All because the economic power depreciated due to bad policies.

But then..the rich HK pple liken to Johua run away like cockroaches..getting British passports and even Sg passports... and claim they to be the local when they did not even contribute to the nation building...or doing National Service.

Thats why even the Jakarta swamp is propering with huge datacenters etc....

Mongkok is a good example... HK a developed city..but still slums akin to Chow Kit in Kuala Lumpur.

Fix the clean city. Didnt SARS teach u that? I lost friends too then OK...and I almost went down.

God bless.

Peace. Salam.

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