Thursday, April 16, 2020

What I think of TPG Mobile in Singapore

Honestly, I have used them for about a year using 2 lines..and I am testing using 4 sets of phones, a dummy Samsung J2 Duo (my late dad's phone), Neffos C2, Samsung J7 Prime and my iPhone 8..which is a fair bit of testing.

Legal disclaimer.. I am not paid for this and despite being given free subscription , this is part of their beta trial and legally, they can't even charge because they violated their IMDA QoS which dictates a mandatory > 99% outdoors and 85% indoors including car parks, basements and underground tunnels such as MRT etc and there is NONE in the MRT for TPG... due to tech reason...

I posted a commentary on their page for review which is quite nasty...
 Honestly guys...they are not actually allowed to provide service if the coverage is not at 99%, and their calls cannot go to other telco despite using 4g+ VoLTE phone, and yeah... you need VoLTE to call. So unless you got dual sim and this is for your cheapo data.. I would not recommend it at all... and their roaming is no longer working in Malaysia... huuuhuuu...

and I honestly believe they could do better if not for their shortfall of customer service, and what nots.

They were great when they offered (poor) partnership with YTL in Malaysia aka YES Mobile and despite limitations, connections were stable and works, except for boon-dog areas such as out of cities and rural roads.

Honestly.. how can they sell a service even for $10/mth when there is no coverage for indoors and signal is so bad even at ground level?

Come on guys... just sell the license to MyRepublic and let them bundle em with TaTa - Starhub and save the hussle. Work collaborately.

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