Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Easy ScotCoin Migrate


The Scotcoin Project have posted many videos on how to Migrate from Scotcoin V2 to Scotcoin V3

This is the SIMPLE GUIDE!

These are needed:

  1. $10 worth of BTC in your V2 account
  2. Your ETH ERC Address.
  3. Google Account (for your DRIVE)

Step 1) CREATE YOUR OWN ETH Wallet using GETH

  •   Download GETH from the OFFICIAL ETHEREUM WEBSITE. Its version 1.9.22
  • Install GETH 
  • run geth 1st time ...*(wait for a few minutes to cache up)
  • create a new wallet with the command geth account new
    • It will ask you for a password
    • It will show you your address

    • KEEP YOUR PRIVATE KEY SAFE! In this case the address is 0xCbe48547de20245b3ca39D105C953cA582386754
    • Verify the address keystore.
      the keystore will always show address and the cipher. IF YOU LOSE YOUR PASSWORD, YOU ARE SCREWED!!!
    • Windows users: your keystore is in c:\program files\geth\keystore or %appdata% ...so look carefully where it chuck it.
    • Copy this file to your Google Drive as safe keep
Step 2) Login to your Counterparty Wallet
Thats it! You now have Scotcoins migrated.

Now..according to the Scotcoibn V2 Blockchain..there is 2600 token holders that did not migrate off, so please migrate it back!

That is alot of tokens running about.

Did I forget to say.. if you have any left BTC in your Counterparty wallet, you can either donate to me or U can open your own Crypto.com wallet and use it to spend in the shops vis of a Debit card.

It's quite simple anyway.

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