Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year

It's been quite a quiet Chinese New Year for me in Kuala Pilah and it's been a tiresome few weeks since the non stop rain in the South Malaysia caused many inconvenience to many.

For some unfortunate families, it's been a very drenching experience as non stop heavy downpour for the past week caused the local rivers to overflow despite the deep rivers which are spanning 10 meters across.

Here at downtown Kuala Pilah, many homes were swept off the banks with chest high flood waters to be waded out causing landslides and damage to crops, farms and alike. Not to mention the lack of telecommunication services where Maxis was totally knocked off the grid for many days. Celcom and Telekom Malaysia had many poles tumbled down along with communication ducts and risers submerged in muddy water.

If it's not bad enough, the support from the emergency services, Social Services (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat) was not quick enough and not to mention that the fire department don't have equipment to tackle flood situations.

The Water Company (SAINS WATER) was ill managed, knowing heavy downpour, did not do anything until it was too late, causing severe outages at the water treatment plants in the whole state. Many homes were without water for almost 3 days and those living in the outskirts and high up in the hills had no supply for days at end.

In all, what do we learn from the Kota Tinggi , Segamat and Labis floods previously? Nothing. The money was ill spent again and this time, the people see what is going on. Political bickering must be set aside for the sake of the people. It's for the People, With the people, By the People.

Like it or not, this is the offside of living in Malaysia and I always say, insure your home!

To all, Happy Chinese New Year! may this be a more prosperous one for everyone!


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