Friday, January 7, 2011

Adverts cost money

Going back to what TokDet was saying about adverts damaging the image of the country and yes, I do agree on that advertising is being littered all over, with many unsightly billboards across the city, motorways and unfortunately many are unkept, derelict as I would depict of them.

I had this proposal before to the media agencies and governmental organisations of doing what Singapore did, using active LCD screens where the ads can be targetted and shown according to the needs, not just a static one, and if needed, emergency broadcast systems in place in the case of accidents or even public dangers.

We have 100 ft x 40ft monopoles and wasting energy when switched on after 11pm and with this technology, energy can be saved, and even utilised by the coppers to show snapshots of offending drivers speeding away, so they tend to slow down..with message saying "Driver of PROTON 1 , please slow down, you are driving 130km/h" with a clear foto of the offender for the next 2 they slow down, drive better..and less points on the license.

Yes, adverts cost loads of money, and a billboard space such as at KLIA will cost about RM1 million a month this is just a plain example of how one should pool resources, and if there is low traffic , switch it off...

And good for political campaign too..since now it's cheaper to put Made-In-China electronic billboards....the agencies should pool their sources together....

For me, I just got my first paycheck from CHURP CHURP..and I just hope they can just avoid sending me cheques and just interbank transfer to my account, cost only RM1 to do MEPS transfer too...and faster...and save the paper and trees.

Thanks for your support all.

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