Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Xmas blues

I have been quite out of touch with my blogs recently mainly that I am generally facing the bloggers block,nothing worth to write about other than just to see,look and observe. The Brits have had a white Xmas and the normal tube strikes on boxing day which I pause to ponder, is it worth living in London again?

Though I miss it too much with my fond memories of me and my family and that I missed my little daughter Athira very much, Singapore faced the almost same fate with retailers fretting as much as the commuters when SMRT was hit with a triple whammy!!

Thing is, there was supposed to have backup protocols in place. Are we getting too complacent with things and taking it too much for granted?? Or are we going to wait for nature's wrath to be ready for floods, uninsured losses and loss of livelihood? Or must a train full of commuters must suffocate or gassed out to death, only then will changes be made.

Nationalise the whole bus and train service. We Singaporeans own it not corporate entities. If Malaysia no leh, we are more than that, just as long as Jangan asal boleh ( Chin chai anyhow)

Happy holidays yo

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