Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!!!

Happy new year to all my friends on this first day of 2012.many are still hung over from yesterday's party and to those who were at the Marina Bay Float to usher in the New year, I just hope it was well worth it.

Well from what I know Siti Nurhaliza was there performing live till 3am in the morning. But I just stop to ponder as to why Siti,a multi millionaire and married to a super rich DATOK K had to stoop so low to a concert which she labeled 'with improper moral values' and with tickets at $25 a pop which she usually performs for nothing less than $100 and costing organisers at least $4million in performance fees alone. And why as a married woman stay out so late than rather spend time with her husband?? Are these signs of financial constraints or marital issues or are the rumors of her husband took on another wife which was said to be a Singaporean stewardess?? These are here say but her actions are portraying such.

As for the Samoans, they are enjoying the benefits of having to celebrate the new year twice since they swapped time zones last night, loosing the eve and head out to the eastern time zone instead.

Just that is my ramblings and wish u good health and great fortunes ahead

Salam always

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