Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CGPA grades or the grade of life??

A question I pose to those academician and hiring managers alike of whether the academic grade of a 4.0 is worth more than of a graduate who thinks out of the box and work smart which can work to the expectations and independently?
I have always a believer of street smart people who can achieve many things rather than of those who think they know they can of it , only just on paper rather than no real physical skill themselves.

For the past many years,Singapore have been emphasizing on the academics but lacking on the development of the thinking mind and took the short cut of just importing cheap foreign talents from India , Philippines and the sort and not heavily investing on the locals itself. Locals like the dominant sound blaster Creative Technologies will not be so of the standard unless he is without a thinking mind, not even a scholar. Why am I raising this matter up is that our GLC companies are wasting tax payers money on useless and outdated technology that even back dated England had used 5 years back. Technologies within the home team are so critical of the 3G technology that if an act of sabotage, they will be out of communications just as SingTel always screw up the 3G services. So what if there is a power outage or some china man used a cellular disrupter which you can buy off eBay for $29.95?? Where is the secondary system?? Lives would have been lost.

I just ask to take a few steps back and think out loud. Are we going back to the stone age and rely on foreign thwarts for everything and blame them for all the fuckups?? Or are we allowing Singaporeans fly out and never come back and be drained of the brain cells???

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