Monday, May 21, 2012

4G Network ...

I am not paid to do testing for the Malaysian market, but then, I must try out the YTL Yes Broadband since it came to KUALA PILAH!! Yes!! Yes 4G is now in Kuala Pilah! Boasting over 20Mbps at peak speeds, and I am quite pleased to say, it does do what it said. Though I may not get that 20Mbps at peak, with 8Mbps on a local and international circuit, I must admit, it is FAR FASTER than UNIFI Basic VIP5. Don't believe me??? See these screen shots yourself.. and these are in Kuala Pilah (one on the road PLUS Highway was not captured

This is taken a few mins ago..... well, it is not that great right but do check the other snaps....

Peering towards Packet One in Petaling Jaya... is nothing if you just have local bandwidth right?? Here I managed to snap from the NS KM120km/h (on the bus) after Pagoh heading north few days back.
The speed is peering into Singapore Tai Seng Datacenter which is hosted on QALA-Starhub backend. So what you think?? Is this for real... I say Yes! But at what cost? You don't expect to drive a Mitsubishi Evo, speeding away and the comfort etc while spending at the cost of a Perodua Kancil 660 right?? Price wise: Starter Pack with the Go Pack cost RM100. It is quipped with RM50 in rebate which works to about 1.5Gb in data. Or you can spend it on calls or SMS. The Value Packs are better for RM68 gets you 3.5GB and RM150 gives you 10GB data. On top of that, it gets you 150 SMS and Mins calls whereas the RM150 gives you free 250 Mins and SMS respectively. If you want to be on the Postpaid plan, you should get the starter pack and then go forth and get the RM238 Eclipse plan. Gets you a nice smart phone too! You can share your ID with the dongle as Yes uses NO SIM CARD!! The Eclipse has a SIM Slot so YOU get 4G data and phone plus you can use a Prepaid line (or not) as a backup!! More or less... I say goodbye to UniFi and Telekom Malaysia... you wait too long to roll out the Fiber Optic to the rural areas...and too expensive...for RM250, I get for better service bro.....and a good device. What is your choice?? POTONG!!!

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