Friday, May 25, 2012

So I'm a cheapskate

OK, you caught me there. I was with Irfan Khairy tonight watching him present his new thing on aEu. One point he make me remember and rekindle is that know what is your weaknesses and strengths and do it quick.

So I am a cheap skate. Which Singaporean is not? Am I not wrong, we are always running after something, rushing and rushing, but forgetting to be kind to others. Tonight, too I managed to pass on my knowledge of a skillset to a guy called Rafiq who is going to study medicine, that is, we doctors are a bunch of incompetent fools, so sell us things that make us save time, remember faster and without the need to rewind, read up and well, make it snappy : A DUMMY'S GUIDE!

I am always up to something. So my next up will be buy a domain from me and I'll host your site for free. Well, nothing is so much for free. There are some catches and rules such as there is no such thing as unlimited hosting etc etc, so I will specify it as a reasonable site space, under 500mb (which is more than enough!!)

Ok, there is a Powweb Offer : $1 for one whole year, and it's valid till end of May 2012.

Anyway, I will say more later on, I need a break since I am still recuperating from the motorbike accident I encountered last week at the Woodlands Customs JB back and shoulder is giving me the pains. Again. And I need my meds. Nite All!

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