Sunday, June 24, 2012

PUB Electricity Tariff to go up...

So that is normal news where we continue to pay more and more for our utilities. They give you $500 in U-SAVE rebates, but they whack you 25% increase (or so) just as how they do things back in Malaysia Bolehland.

So what to do?? Fret? Kao-Peh-Kao-Booo?? No use lor.. I think it's time we do something about it??

Heard of Solar PV Cell? The solar panel in your calculator??? Yes.. that will actually kind of save alot of money for you. Despite the fact that it cost about 80c per watt to buy the cells, I find that having 5 panels up to 1200W will justify the fact that you can save as much as 200KW per month (based on 1KWx8x30) or about $50 a mth. That is usually the average of 30% of a HDB Flat user. Want to save more?? If you do drive... then carry an extra battery pack (Lorry Size 12V), you can collect the excess charge from your car and use it on an inverter at home for your PC or what nots. One normal car battery discharges about 700W for one hour.

In all, these little things do save... and a solar panel will shade your home from the sunshine, thus cooling it a bit. You can try place it outside the flat.. but it is a safety issue.

Cost wise?? $1000 will allow the investment be used for the next at least 10 years given good care. Free Energy from your car... will set you extra free power... savings passed on the petrol costs and ERP etc.Not to mention the exercise of carrying about the battery up and down the house.... heeeee..... If you stay at 2nd or 3rd floor and the car is parked near.. you stand to earn more.... or save more.

Time to be a lot more kiasu now.

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