Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Death Season

Apparently, this is the end of Rejab, the Haram Months. And to this end of the month, I have received over 36 news of friends, acquaintances, relatives dying or passed on, some tragic and some to a ripe old age.

The start of the month, I faced an eerie gruesome death scene where a family which I just met a few mins before, before I took a much needed nap on the PLUS Highway, perished when their car was side swiped by another sleepy head or drunk causing their car to fish tail, hitting the granite hill wall, kids flew out of the car with the driver, spinned around again, hit the center divider, careered into the middle of the road, with the wife slewed up in the highway, and then burned down. If not for a quick thinking Singaporean family, more will perish in the fire when the NGV tank gave way. They took the 2 kids to the hosp from KM 184.7 to Melaka without waiting for the medics, as they will take too long.

Sadly, the wife perished on scene, and the driver along the way. They were from Kampong Bendahara , Johor Baru when we went thru their whatever ID we can find on the way to Kuala Lumpur. That stretch was an eerie one... too many deaths, esp at 3.30am! Yes ... I was on the road at wee hours of the morning, trying to get home after a tiresome shift.

It's also the death of my laptop. Funny Screen. And the more news of my poultry (turkey) dying and my relative/neighbour few days ago. After so many near misses of me smacking someone on the road, I decided to call it quits and take a real breather. Seems Azrail is too busy now collecting his dues before the Ramadan sets in where one will be given Paradise in death of the Holy Month. No Afterlife Questions etc.

Another relation passed away last night, Myocardiac Infarct. The funeral is quite far away and since I do not have my car with me... I stay put. Life cycle. Trade a life for another. My Aunt passed away the day Danial Irfan was born. My Cousin's Father, when my Niece is born.

Karma? I don't know. As for me.. I'm trying to shy way from Azrail.... My Debt is way overdue... but I don't want him to collect any installments as yet... And oh ya.. Block 8 Lot 1926 Lim Chu Kang Cemetery is where I will be reunited if I pass on in Singapore... Funny I got that NEA Exhumation Notice for the "LIVING DEAD".... That is another story I got to tell later on.....

Better be safe than sorry

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