Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Testing my bits by spreading the word of Allah

Many knows I am a Singaporean and I am a muslim.
As much as possible, I am a supporter of charities.
So I am helping out Brother Amir with his Quran app on Google Play.

I am testing out to ease his load as a co-hoster. This is primary loaded on MyRepublic Network and hope they don't DDOS me out. That is why the load balancing is critical and I am primarily loaded thru IPv6. It's my first step into community crowd loaded hosting...so please bear with us. 50Mbps link is not that swift.. but hope it works faster on IPv6. Please enable IPv6 on your devices ya.. or use Hurricane Electric TunnelBroker to get that.

Test out the Surah Yasin by Sheik Basit : http://sg-01.azrin.info/Quran/Basit/s036.mp3

I will need some co-hosts to load this project as the server is too little.
If you wish to donate, please PAYPAL to azrin12970(AT)gmail.com

Any amount will do. SG and Malaysian Ringgit , please sms 81196830 / 017-4648814
This is to offset the power bill...and inshallah, upgrade the servers.

Thanks for reading,  Barakallah.

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