Sunday, December 1, 2013


Now there is the Data Protection Act, the consumers are now shielded from our unscrupulous pinoy telemarketing agents of Citibank, Standard Chartered, DBS , Prudential, Great Eastern and many more.. asking you to help them sign up for bank cards, loans, insurance plans etc.

The weapon is now a $10,000 fine and we can now demand COMPENSATION for the breach. Outright blackmail I would say, but hey, who did not check the list right? Courts paid a token sum few mths back to apologise for the offense, and now the DNC is up.

How does it work for you as a consumer?

First off, you need to register your phone number.
Click on the Register Online

Then Enter your Phone Number, and tick ALL the options.

there will be an OTP given.
Enter it and that's it!

What about companies?
You need to register your company UEN and Singpass. There is a $30 registration and 500 credits. I am not sure how it works, but B2B are not covered in the filter. So I can still call you to sell MyRepublic Business Broadband Services or VOIP Servers for your business... if you get what I mean.

If you run a marketing list... this is where they make money. Each number search costs 2.3 cents!
I saw somewhere the bulk scheme works to $10,000 for a Million Number Searches and you *SHOULD* get 3 million number searches in use for Singapore. Level 3 numbers are excluded.

I remember a script I used for RAS during my dialup BBS days to check for phone numbers.... and I think I should use that script soon... Outsource Checks.

Maybe we can have a PLEASE CALL ME LIST right?

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