Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Revolut Metal - is it for me?

 First off, the Metal plan was initially BRILIANT until the MAS laws step in. Paying $240/yr for 1% of cashbacks makes no sense when the concierge is gone and free lounge access is up in the sky, ie NOT FLYING~

Being a business person, I would appreciate having both Visa and Mastercard as an extra perk for the metal holder plus that the limit of having 2 physical cards are a bummer!

Getting customer service is somewhat NON EXISTENT ANYMORE and calling the 800 number won't get you anywhere. They should at least invest in some sort of offline support for PAID MEMBERS who may need emergency services etc, esp when then the app goes south. Emailing them DO NOT WORK!

I AM NOT PAID FOR THIS REVIEW but other than the card looks nice and no withdrawal in Singapore, it devalues the card totally and you have other better free cashback and goodie cards like MCO or sort.

So my rating is now 3.5* or 74% satisfaction.

And if you want one, a normal one for now, you can sign up using my direct link and leave a comment here too.

1 comment:

  1. Your review highlights valid concerns about the Metal plan. If you're buying research papers, I advisable to buy research paper online that prioritize originality. Regarding your feedback, it's crucial to consider the plan's limitations and explore alternatives like MCO for better cashback options.


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