Sunday, January 17, 2021

The bitter pill for Britain

 As much as I am safe and sound in Singapore, Britain was home to me for quite a significant part of my life and its hurts me when I see them dragged to the mud and into the bogs.

These suggestions are the ONLY BITTER PILL I feel that Britain needs to run the course of should they want to be GREAT all over again, every since the BREXIT and it also means you lot must comply and give up a little bit of privacy and legacy for the generations to come.

IMMIGRATION - MASS AMNESTY AND REGISTRATION. - We do not exactly have a good run of how many are there in UK. Every untested and unchecked person is a health risk to the community and way to go is a MASS AMNESTY. Of course, you pay some sort of money , say 500 quid per person to be REGISTERED as a LEGAL RESIDENT of the United Kingdom. It will sure resolve tons of labour shortages as these people will want to work. Call it an Intermediate Green Card. After 5 years of working and contributing, you get to be Naturalised.

MASS REGISTRATION is needed for EVERYONE. Biometrics, DNA etc and Single ID Number not just linked to your DVLA Number or National Insurance Number. Sometimes, it does not tally and link each other. One Number and Photo ID. One Agency for all the Numbering - Department for Immigration and Nationality Records. Numbers could follow many countries ID system such as BIRTHDAY-XX-YYYY like in Malaysia where the XX is where the state/region they were born etc or BIRTHDAY-ABCD for the CHECKSUM such as 20203101ABCD as there are about 1000+ born in UK Daily.

Talking about privacy is that this is to PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY and do not discriminate your gender just showing your birthday. People who scream high and low of privacy are those who wish not to pay taxes and go on the take, and getting paid in cash. One Single Number will simplify the HMCE, JobCenter, DWP, NHS etc so your records are NOT MESSED UP. 

Reason being, if Reshi wants to be like Singapore, some things NEED TO CHANGE. One Identity System is needed. From Company formations, to property tax and licensing and to swift dispersement of services like MEDICAL.

Example. You are drunk on a Saturday night and you pass out. Ambulance picks you up and with your picture, they can already determine if you have allergies, High BP or some medications which , if wrongly administered, can be fatal. I am a Doctor and I almost make this stupid mistakes when I thought is a drunk but is a Diabetic Epileptic Shock.

You go to the Post Office to collect your Dole, and all you need is your ID number or better , just a Facial Scan. It's already available in Facebook for crying out loud that it's quite simple. Tap your Pin and swipe your finger, and it authenticates your ID. Presto, Money comes up!

CHANGE THE DWP SYSTEM. How? The more you work, the more you save up and the more you can have in your old age or when you need it. Singapore's CPF and Malaysian KWSP EPF systems work. By using your own Provident Savings, your load on the NHS reduces too. And if you talk about the bill being super expensive, the Treasury will subsidise 80% of the medical for Hospitalisation and Costs and you pay about a tenner for a trip to the GP. Foreigners and "Extras" on the services like being in the 4 bedder ward or Singletons will cost you more as the subsidies will be far lesser. 

Definitely will make you able to come to any GP that you like, and get treated for a tenner and without a need of a lengthy appointments. Even when you are skint, you can come to a PolyClinic aka Primary Care Center to be treated for a very token fee, or they can send you a bill later.

Singapore's Health Service is partly commercial and owned by the government. If you have insurance, then you can pop to the more lush hospitals if you wish to.

MANDATORY 30 DAY QUARANTINE. That looks easy, but EVERYONE STAYS HOME! If you do not have money for fuel etc, then there is a one off FUEL TOPUP for the 30days worth, say 100 quid and Food Rations to be delivered and One Off Dole Disbursement for all. That means MANDATORY ID again to the point of #1

HIRING OF UNEMPLOYED FOR MASS CONTACT TRACING & TESTING. There are a few million unemployed and I believe the government should just pay them 3000 quid a month, without any tax or deductions plus they are still on the dole for their Volunteer Services. This is a RISK ALLOWANCE. You will need about 400,000 people and draft up the yobbos to do the job, for marshal etc. We do not need to use the ARMY or NHS RESOURCES FOR THIS! Give em a medal after 6 months of service to make them proud of serving the country.

 MASS TESTING. Enough being said above and it's time to get things done. And NOT JUST ONE TIME. 2 x Testing. And after all these done which will be before spring, we can isolate and get things on the way.

MASS VACCINATION is something we do not need to say. Once these people who are cleared, wearing a GREEN TAG will go for inoculation. 

ULTRA HIGH SPEED FIBER AT EVERY HOME & BUILDING. That is key to Singapore success and to hell with Councils and Health and Safety nonsense. Get this done so everyone is on the digital landscape where every home can be a business.

Even in New Zealand, fiber has reached even to the farmers barn and it's a shame with the current state of internet connectivity in UK and where the remote parts of Scotland do not even have proper utilities such as water and electric mains.

BUILD MORE HOMES. We need to make homes super affordable. There are many parks and industrial spaces which could be reallocated to high rise units and when I say high rise, is 40 storey high which in a football field, will yield about 10,000 units. Think of kicking out Tesco or Sainsbury in Whitechapel and replacing with that and still you have your Sainsbury and local there. And connected to the overland train station and Tube.

These units will even give better safety and lessen the parking woes with even bigger green spaces and community use-enabled spaces such as kindergarten, parks, running tracks etc. Imagine running on the high deck in London, 50 floors up. The Pinnacle Duxton is an example. 

These can be completed as early as 3 years using the Pre Fab method. Jobs will be created. And no more GRENFELL as it will be quipped with Fire Hydrants, Sprinkler System, Stop Smoke Lobbies etc.

By reassigning land and repurchasing the old land for high rise, London can be the New Asia of Europe without the fuss of EU telling us what to do.

And for the food shortage, then SELL LOCAL. Buy from Asia.

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  1. While I cherish my safe and content life in Singapore, I cannot ignore the plight of my former home, Britain. It pains me to witness their decline. To rejuvenate their greatness post-BREXIT, there is a bitter pill they must swallow. Britain must embrace these suggestions, which include prioritizing strong leadership, fostering unity, and seeking external support when needed. It may require sacrifices, such as relinquishing some privacy and legacy, but it is essential for securing a brighter future for future generations. For assistance in navigating these challenges, consider seeking leadership homework help to empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge.


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