Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Malaysia - Home of red tapes and corrupt officials

 Yeah, you read it right. I am telling you blindly that Malaysian Officials Are Corrupt. Look at Najib. Convicted of CBT etc and still out walking like nothing wrong. And that things are so slow on their actions that the Malaccan Bullock Cart is faster than them.

Take example Trucking and Logistics. They are so engrossed in paperwork that the basic stuff like ROAD SAFETY and ROAD WORTHINESS is not to the par. You need a CVLB permit to be a carrier, even delivering your own stuff aka Pembawa A or Pembawa C (A or C Carrier) being A is nationwide and C is limited to State Wide and neighbouring states.  This was created by the British for Indian States for monopoly. Then you need a Commercial Drivers Permit from CVLB and JPJ ( DVLA/ROV/LTA) which is a separate license and Police Permits and Roadworthy checks by Puspakom.

Puspakom is a joke and a monopoly. You wait for 6 hours to get your truck inspected. Whats so hard to check a Truck? Corrosion, Tyres, Brakes, Lights and Exhaust. All because they want coffee money. I did a commercial vehicle test in Singapore and it takes 20mins...from queue to pay to getting the cert. And this is PERIODICAL CHECKS.

Why not make it OPEN and SIMPLE? The need to control number of commercial cargo companies are just plain bull to me and it should be an Open Market thing.

Just in Singapore, you pay to buy your vehicle and make sure you get it insured and taxed properly. Older vehicles have a max span of 20 years and thats it in safety. Here we have Post WW2 trucks still running about and I mean those old TATA and Mercedes trucks without doors. 

1) Simple Importation of NEW VEHICLES. No need of the AP Approved Permit stuff. Just pay 400% tax and ensure it's VTAS certified *(TUV or similar) and make darn sure it's EURO5 compliant to save the earth.

2) Single One Driving License. The need for Goods License Permits etc is just pure nonsense and must be done away with. Collect the Tax and ensure the Driver is Certified. Like in Singapore, you need a Class 4 license similar to a Cat C in UK and a +E for articulated or Class 5 for Singapore. Bus Drivers need either Class 4 or 4A + a Vocational License or in UK , just a Cat D will do. ANNUAL MEDICAL CHECKS is a must for over 50s and 3 year once for those under that. A min age of 21 will make more young blood into the Logistic and Transport industry as it pays quite well for a lower educated person.

 3) Stiffer Penalties for violations such as OVERLOADING and SMOKEY TAILPIPES. In Singapore it's $1000 per HSU over 30HSU and a smokey tailpipe sure land u a $20,000 donation to the coffers. Whereas the big trucks may look overloaded , the smaller LGV are the common culprits such as those carrying food and vegetables to markets, palm oil carrying pickups etc. Honestly, I do it too and was nicked once for GVW of 5900kg on a Tata pickup truck. And it's legal MLW is 3000kg.

Why so many red tapes is that so much can be made through corrupt practices. One thing, the Puspakom is a scam when there are just 70 inspection centers against a vehicular population of over 10 million being that there are no scrappage programs. Compared to 9 in Singapore for a small population of less than 300,000 vehicles, there would need to have at least 300 centers or 3 per district where it also functions as an accident damage assessment center. 

Come on.. Please ..make things streamline and do it just ONESTOP, no more CVLB hoops and JPJ hoops. Just Online.

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