Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fan Box?? What Box?

It's been a hell of a week. XMAS rush, fire sales, KLIA and running about like the headless chicken as it is makes me mad, and drive the toll up on my transportation. Yeah, the bike is screwed after the engine oil leaked out and basically it kapooted the engine blocks and piston which NAZA said that it can only be done after the new year...means 2 weeks time. Bad enough the car is in the JPJ compound due to the accident during hari raya (police car crashed into me) and well, I have to rush another order for the KLIA and LCCT which is a real turning point to me. Hopefully the deal can be done as it's worth almost RM250k a month in sales alone with more recurring business.

Fan box is the next on my agenda. After my clash with the guy at i-gomobile, which is like Monsun, I had to develop another payment application system where you don't need to use your bank account to pay for stuff. I mainly don't like them because of hints by some compliance guys at Bank Negara that these people will be shut down soon due to their get rich quick schemes. So it's back to my drawing board for reverse payment systems as I look back to my old com padre SMS.AC which now is FANBOX.

There are many application development systems in place and mainly using C# which I hated because of it's links to Microsoft and their tech teams. So then the alternative was PHP interface with FLASH and xPML which I was wondering what the heck was that. eXtended Phone Markup Language just like the XML but for mobile communications with Java enabled systems. Ouch.

Where can I get help on that one I wondered and then revert to their forums and WiKi which is a useless place to be since their wiki had been defaced by so many people. It's a money making business actually since good applications earn over US$300k based on the $1 per international download or activation or US$5 per US download. Given the number of Black Berries and what not are there, it's a real deal as I can port payment systems, guides etc to mobile phones. Interface Google earth and then mark the local shops etc on there so that these Small Medium Enterprise (IKS-which to me means Industri Kuman/ Kawan-kawan dan sebagainya...literally means super micro enterprises) as they are booming like mushrooms after a rainfall.

It's an industry to be tapped with, as many willing to pay small amounts for little bit of extra help, especially with the cashflow and advertising. Being known and 10% sales increase is already a thankful situation for them, with just an investment of RM100. Small but in volumes.

Anyway, that is one thing I got to research these few days before my deadline with MAB and MMP Com for the press media.

Penat siot!

Happy new year!

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